Try. Fail. Try again. Fail better.

I believe that, as you read those lines, you have no idea what I am about to say. If you expect motivational speeches then you’re in the wrong corner of Pillowfights.

I do not aim to please a certain readership with my writings. I like pure and undiluted honesty; the blunt kind that sometimes is painfully true. As I couldn’t help it but notice though friends and acquaints self-deprecate over their unusually frequent failures, I realized that an article discussing the ever-present and ever-burning issue of failure and its social perception seems as prevalent as ever and long overdue.

To paraphrase Beckett loosely, the secret of life is to try, fail, then try again and fail better and so on. Yes, you got fired. Yes, a certain someone broke up with you. Life seems to have ended at this point, tomorrow seems unknown and scary. We always have too many goals. We want to achieve too much and show off everything because we feel as if we must adhere to some invisible guidelines. Guidelines that are to a certain degree unattainable.

Our capitalist society loves to celebrate happy endings and success stories. It is the system’s way of promising the house at the top of the hill. A house that is shaped according to the market’s desires, according to what’s proper and what’s in fashion.

This could be a functioning relationship, a good marriage, a job that pays an average salary, a coming promotion, a secret affair – whatever works for our acquired bourgeois taste and the latest trends they just adore to spoon feed us.

The most successful people in the world failed at least once in their life, you know. They failed big time, they were mocked, they were ridiculed. And yet they did it. Ever wonder how all those know-it-alls feel when they see those they bullied move forward and overcome the hardships they endured? It is not easy. It never was, it never will be. But then again, whatever is of any worth in this life takes time and trouble. And failed attempts. All too many of them.

But see, we should know by now that it doesn’t work. Something is bound to go wrong, something will go wrong and your whole world will crumble. Or so it will seem at the time.

Well yeah. Shit happens. It has happened to all of us. And you, yes you, snarky grinning reader, I bet right now you feel quite lucky. But just wait for it, it’s around the corner.

Brace yourself. It will hurt. All of your pain will be amplified by your surroundings that will find a golden opportunities to rub in your face their success or even worse convince you that you attempted something that was above your capabilities.

But you know what?

Screw them.

If you want it as much as you say you do, then you’ll fail a couple times. If more than one person are involved in this, then chances are you’ll fail more times than your dignity would otherwise allow you.

And you need to have in mind that it might never work.

But don’t dispair. There’s always another goal to achieve, another job to hunt down, another love to pursue, another life just waiting to be discovered.

Chill, life goes on.

Author: Michael Poe

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