At a random bus station, somewhere in Paris, I was once left utterly frustrated by a clerk who categorically denied to speak to me in English, insisting to respond to my questions in French, while casually reading an English magazine. The person aside from being a chauvinist, was a giant prick and rude, and he had the pleasure of being my first experience with people of that kind. I did not say a thing then.

But my past behavior has radically changed.

There is this view of the world that supports us being kind with everyone, even those that are mean to us. It is this spiritual belief that karma will punish those that are rude, as well as that we will be rewarded for our own kindness if we have a positive attitude toward life and others that surround us.

You do know that it’s all a pile of crap right?

Fact is that people in general are rude. Be it the lifestyle that we lead, the constant need to be somewhere, the lack of time and rest, or that no one really cares about the people around, this thesis doesn’t change. Chances are you will be mistreated by a relative, a co-worker, your boss, a bystander; heck, anyone and everyone might mistreat you and rudely address you in the course of a day.

My advice, which frankly I employ when I meet such people, is simple.

Be rude as fuck back.

I could never understand why some believe that people are inherently good. People are assholes. And since you are treated as one, it is only fair to retaliate. How many times have you been scolded, mistreated or called names?

Well, fight back. Talk back to that person that thinks (s)he knows everything, and for fuck’s sake give them a piece of your mind. Kindness is not a birthright, you should only provide it to people that absolutely deserve it.

I’d rather be called a misanthrope than a naive and sweet person. Chances are people will not be so eager to offend me explicitly or implicitly in the first case.

Remember Dr. Gregory House from the House MD series?

That character’s behavior was borderline sociopathic. And yet he was oddly appealing to the audience. He was everything most people would never dare to be themselves.

Yes, he had only a handful of true friends.

Yes, his life was a mess, with almost no partner being able to live with him for more than a few weeks or months.

Yes, his injury would exacerbate his behavior.

What I am saying is, be like House. That would be an extremity our hypocritical societies cannot stand.

As you finish reading this article, take a look at the people that surround you, and guess how many of them are hypocrites that are kind to you, but more than eager to defame you once you turn your back. Think of the person that was rude to you today in the bus, on subway or on the street.

Now swear to me that you would not have liked to have given all of these pricks what they deserve; that you wouldn’t have just loved to have treated them as they treated you.


I’ve hit a nerve there haven’t I..?

Author: Michael Poe

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