It’s always the same old story.

“Love hurts…” and then your friend will pass on the bucket of ice cream, or the popcorn, or the chicken legs; each to their own comfort food. Pretty much any kind of bucket helps since you’re such a bucket-head and do not realize that when it comes to relationships, friendships, work, and all kinds of human interaction, everything is based on the “cause and effect” principle.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. “I’m sorry, I’m confused right now, I need some space, I’ll call you…” Or “It’s not your fault, it’s me” or whatever people say nowadays to run away from their responsibilities; be those personal or professional. The gist of these phrases is one. It really isn’t your fault.

The “human stupidity” factor is one that cannot be predicted. It is infinite, it is aggressive, and it spreads like the Plague. No one knows where it comes from; it is common knowledge though, that it spreads like a contagious illness. Argue with a carrier of that disease and you are sure to end up indistinguishable from that individual. Any kind of disagreement with a stupid person will end up with you looking stupid, and the stupid person looking smart, as the latter has a long career of professing their idiotic behavior and will never realize the obscenity the words they use contain.

Stupidity manifests itself in various ways. It is there in social norms that are blindly followed, it is there in attitudes that remind us of high school, it is there in all those typical “How can you… if you’re…” This is the mark of a person that has really limited cognitive skills. Their brain cannot simply process someone’s extraordinary skills.

I sound like an elitist, don’t I? Well, maybe I am a little bit. Maybe it’s because every day people walk around me and say all kinds of moronic things that they take for granted based on misconceptions that are laughable, and I am being quite mild in my word choice.

Is it the contemporary lifestyle that makes people stupid, or is it the fact that social media and the internet have made people think that one can make it, quite well, in the world with their good (photoshopped) looks and a couple of stolen bleached one-liners?

I always wondered how a smart person in a room keeps their calm when others rant on about some subject that they have no idea about. And what’s more nerve-wracking, what’s absolutely infuriating, is the fact that stupid people NEED to look smart and happy and successful. You will see them advertising their lifestyle and choices, and hailing their own means of achieving their happiness in an attempt to hide their inferiority syndromes.

Τhis article seems incoherent, doesn’t it? It is so because talking about people with very limited perception of reality is a task quite hard to accomplish. Take a walk outside now that the holidays are over. Just wander around people and listen. Nine out of the 10 dialogues will be full of ignorance, misconceptions, and falsely-rooted confidence about pretty much everything.

I do not claim the status of a genius, but that fucking terrifies me.

And so I keep looking for that 1/10.

So should you.

Author: Michael Poe

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