This article was meant to go a lot differently. Last night, though, after a conversation with a friend, it took a complete detour in direction. The conversation triggered a memory, of a story I was once told by a friend of a friend, which was, till now, buried deep in my mind. I have to share it because it matters. It matters a lot.

So allow me to show you a letter; a letter with no recipient, to a stranger that made, with a single glance, somebody’s life a little more hopeful.


For those of us that love walking through towns and cities, the feeling I am about to describe is quite uncanny. It is when you notice, for a few fleeting moments, a bystander or someone walking near you, a person in passing, and all you can think about is kissing that person, making love to them; loving them and being with them for that proverbial ‘forever’, being body and soul as one. If it hasn’t occurred to you, I pity you.

It is a feeling that will pass after a few seconds, or, if you’re unlucky, after a few minutes.

You will go on with your life, continue writing your prose or poetry, admiring cats and the deep blue sea, waiting for something, without an inkling of what it might be or feel like.

And then it happens. You see this girl with long black curly hair, a beautiful long crimson red skirt and a black top. And a book in her hands! A book! As if her looks were not impressive enough, she reads! All the articles about dating a girl that reads suddenly come to life and for a split second you can think of kissing her, touching her tenderly, loving her unconditionally.

You can’t see the title of the book, but it matters not what the book is. In fact, this is even better; it can be anything, and your imagination can roam wildly. It could be your favorite book, it could be the one you always have with you, could be the one you eyed for like two months but still can’t afford. Every single thing about her are perfect, exactly because you may never know her, learn nothing about her you can fall in love with the idea of her; however deep, deep in your heart you hope that she’s as perfect as she looks.

Maybe even more…

And then then the moment passes. You continue walking and daydream about that picture you saw, her sitting at a familiar spot but knowing that chances are you’ll never meet her and tell her all those things in person. And you walk and you walk and you immerse yourself in your thoughts.

And then the bus arrives, and you get in, and there is nothing that can make your day any better -because your days do not seem to get any better, only worse, and yet it is some consolation that the pencil, this old rusty yellow mechanical pencil, keeps moving and thoughts and verses flood the scarce sheets in your bag and another day is ready to go by and nothing new happens and you keep feeling dragged down by this unstoppable force called “habit” as you glorify things that should have never been considered more than they were—

And then…

Outside the window of the bus you turn your eyes and see her again.

That same long black curly hair, that same long crimson red skirt, the book in her arms walking right past McDonalds.

And you realize that this girl is an embodiment of the “everything happens for a reason” proverb -because there is a reason you took that specific bus, at that specific time, just as there was a reason she was walking down the street at the exact time you were passing- and you smile as your day got a bit better.

And unbeknownst to you, all of your days will get slightly better up to the point when one day they’ll be good.

This is for you stranger.

Thank you.



If it happens you recognize that girl described, let her know that this is for her. If you are the girl decribed, reading these lines, know that apparently you made someone’s days better.

Author: Michael Poe

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