There’s this song a girl once had sung to me that casually strikes my mind whenever I hear from friends that they are stuck in situations that are impossible to solve. People that have “something” with them but send mixed signals all the time, sometimes being completely erotic and promising, and others simply friendly and lukewarm. And you know how people are when they fall in love, when they start feeling this insatiable need to be with a certain someone, and yet cannot be sure about their intentions. The song would be something like this: “All I ask of you, is a few breadcrumbs, and I’ll spend all my life adoring you.”

The practice of “breadcrumbs” is quite common nowadays, another prominent symptom of the no strings attached state of mind in our age of uncertainty. As every new behavior, as much as one can call it new because we can argue that this specific method has had many variations and is as old as Love, it manifests through interpersonal communication. And just when you thought “ghosting” was the worst thing out there, here comes something new.

Call it messages, skype, phone calls, texting, sexting, snapchat, or whatever we are currently obsessed with, breadcrumbs can be all of the above. Or none for all I care, you might as well just print Polaroid pictures and send them to that person whose interest you desperately want but who is not so sure about having you in their life. It is this strategy of keeping a situation between two people as warm as possible for the amount of time that it is to the interest of one.

See breadcrumbs work both ways. First of all, they will attract someone towards you. They will bring them to you, they will keep that person warm -especially if they have fallen for you- and trust me, if they have fallen for you, the interest will be there for quite some time. You’d be amazed at how full some people’s stomach gets from those breadcrumbs. It is like a bread addiction. And if you think I am pushing it too far, think of how much you like literal bread, and then apply this craving to sentiments and physical attraction. See what I mean?

Then of course the same breadcrumbs can be used to distance oneself from someone else when the whole ordeal, again one-sided, is over. You’ll slowly walk away, and you’ll start leaving breadcrumbs. At first it will be a heck load of them, so as the interested party will not notice. But the steps backward have started and they won’t stop. And by the time you are far enough and the breadcrumbs have become tragically few, then you can claim that it was nothing but a game. It doesn’t matter if the person had developed hopes and expectations about something else, all that matters in our case is that the goal, be that sex, or a hug-filler for the night has been completed and at least one of the two has been satisfied.

Because, the thing with breadcrumbs is, if that’s all you get, you’ll always be left hungry…

Author: Michael Poe

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