Οk fellas, buckle up, because this article tonight is going to go deeper than Rocco Siffredi. There will be no academic thesis on this article, no sweet words, not even a hint of romantic tone. But enough with what will not be here and let’s focus on the actual content. Things are simple, crystal clear; it is much easier to get someone in your mind that to get that person out of it.

Yes, I am aware this sounds confusing – it even sounds a bit dirty- but play along for a little bit and I might be able to help.

Let’s start with the not-so-obvious case. Say someone makes you really mad about something. Say they sleep with your ex, say they ate your ice cream, say they pissed on your grave in any excruciating way possible. Even if you are a person that never gets mad, think of the single scenario that would make someone crawl under your skin and unleash the beast in you.

Would you get mad?

You would. You most definitely would.

Would you want revenge? I am sure that, if you played along, you have around 45-54 scenarios in your head that include – but are not limited to – violent retribution and BDSM copulation. Or that might be just me; apologies, I think my train of thoughts led me to quite weird paths.

Yes, let’s go to the second half of this piece and focus on love, lust, and whatever lies in between these two ladies. You meet this gorgeous girl, she’s amazing, she is smart, you got into her pants, life is sweet as a Blackforest cake, but then again that angel decides one day that she’s had enough of you and leaves.

Tell me, how are you going to get her out of your mind? She conquered it, she became the queen of it and now she’s gone. Let’s not make it gender specific though; think of the description above inversed to match your own personal Prince Charming. I’m fine with that too.

How do you tear someone away from your own mind when you’ve become hardwired to love, have the hots, desire, and all those nice prudent verbs?

When you see those eyes of steel in those big hands and this steel embrace, the feeling of security in his odour, his large shirts that you’ve practically stole but you couldn’t care less.

Can we really and unequivocally get someone out of our minds for good?

Probably, but we are asking the wrong question. We are asking the one that has a definitive answer, one that is rather simple, one that we can gain confidence from.

However, the really challenging one, the one I will conclude this article with, the one you will hate me for, the one my editor will get impatient as she will be reading these very lines is the following:

How much do we really want to get that person out of our minds?

And then another one; because I am a selfish bastard.

Is there any chance we are genuinely afraid of the void that will inevitably occupy that part of our head, and life, afterwards for a while?

Author: Michael Poe

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