Discrimination. Something that pops up in our everyday life and that concerns the society in general, frequently. We might have suffered from it as well, maybe a relative, a friend, or someone close to us suffering from this criticism, or have heard of it at some point. Anyhow, discrimination affects all of us –or at least the majority of us- directly or indirectly.

It can take many forms. The most common type of discrimination is towards those of a different race, nationality, sexual preference or orientation, and gender in general. Especially towards those who are homosexual.

There is bias and prejudice everywhere –even though the world and ideas have evolved- and it’s developed in the hearts of even small children, who are pure and innocent and have no concern for such things, but are bombarded with this belief system and adapt to it. In my opinion this is very cruel and immoral, staining the soul of an innocent child by making them act in certain ways towards other human beings. Teaching them, from such a young age, to behave negatively towards people; even cultivating hate in them.

Homosexuality is still even thought to be a sickness of the body and mind in some places of the world –some homosexuals continue, even in this day and age, to seek psychological help and advice to overcome this- and people see these humans as filthy and abnormal.

But are they really?

Think about it; you have friends, relatives, colleagues (no matter really what your relationship is), which you look upon and even admire. Suddenly you learn they like those of the same sex or maybe they even ‘swing both ways’. (I know that it is an ungraceful way to put it but it is the term most used) Your world, and your view of them, suddenly crumble and become ruins and dust. You may even be disgusted and change your attitude towards them.

But what is the reasoning behind this? Is there a valid one? Does the character and traits of that person suddenly change just because of this tiny revelation? Of course not! We just tend to think like that because that’s how they raised us to think.

What people do with their personal life, and how they deal with matters of their own heart, changes nothing.

However, many changes have been made in this area throughout the passage of time. Videos and pictures, quotes, and articles discussing this matter have gone viral, making the views change belief systems at some point and become more sympathetic.

Why should love be trapped in bias and prejudice? Love doesn’t care about these things; it’s just us humans who brought these standards upon ourselves and we think we have to abide by them.

As of recently, marriage between two people of the same gender has been deemed legal and is accepted and performed, in many countries; especially in Europe. Thanks to this development, those who are homosexual have the freedom to express themselves and decide upon building their lives alongside their hearts’ chosen one without being judged just because they are of the same sex.

Fortunately. Now that there is freedom and less prejudice people tend to be less judgmental as well. So people who used to hide their true selves can now be exactly as they are, and feel proud of it.

If you think about it, those people are some of the best in terms of character and way of thinking. They truly love each other, feel deep heart-melting love, as opposed to some who are heterosexual and might be with their partner for the wrong reasons completely. They are willing to suffer social cruelness, not be accepted just to be with their significant other half.

They adopt children and give them a home and a family. Most judge this matter especially as they think it’s wrong for a child to be raised in such a family; one lacking the presence of a male or female respectively. This may be true to some extent.

But isn’t this a small miracle? In a matter of seconds orphans get to have a family and people to care for them. It shows how strong their characters are. They go up against all odds and adopt children, even if they will be judged.

Some other parents leave their children in the streets not caring or are not able to provide them with the necessities, and homosexuals take them under their wing and give them a home. Most importantly of all they give them love, the purest and most valuable gift of them all. For this, I congratulate them and admire them to no end.

At the end of the day, love can take any form and nature. What matters is that it is true and pure. Irrespective of peoples’ appearances, what holds the key to happiness is their soul; the shell that holds it inside is trivial!

Author: Elena Vasiliou

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