Written By Tom. 

Here’s the deal: There are certain markers that summer is here, one way or another you’ll feel it in the weather, in the low cut clothes and the curves that finally become visible through t-shirts, skirts, tank tops, tight pants, etc.

Take your pick, I know libido will certainly do its magic and will for sure make you look at people and things another way. It might be I’m from southern Europe and hence quite used to the culture of mindlessness, light clothing, drinking and having a good time once June hits.

But see, this year it felt different. It could be global warming, (you know the buffoon in the White House thinks it’s not real), the rain that kept making me wet in the unsexist way possible, or even some melancholy of demystifying my college town after a while.

So I felt summer’s arrival with a quite striking way.

We were sitting with a friend at his terrace, staring at the bay and wondering if the bright thing in front of us was the moon or some kind of flying saucer, when my eye caught some movement at an apartment 200 feet from us. It seemed completely innocent at first, a girl and a boy doing laundry.

Until they started doing each other.

The scene was almost mystical. I could see their figures, no details obviously, and before you even say it, it was an obvious instance of voyeurism, albeit one that was due to the fact that their blinds were open for the world to stare.

And to my great embarrassment, I did.

I stared at the girl’s fondness, as her tanned body hugged her man, as they casually fooled around while putting the clothes in the washer. I gasped and almost lost my breath when she slowly removed her black bra to reveal her rich bossom, even though from where we were sitting only their silhouette was visible. I felt guilty as I witnessed him slowly undressing the rest of her clothes, as her perfect body with long legs and long dark hair felt like a Tinto Brass production, the soft core films of the classic Italian cinema that were erotic enough to turn you on, but had a certain aesthetic quality that would not make you feel ashamed of yourself, much like hardcore videos nowadays.

When they moved to the bedroom, tangled in their passion and forgetting to close the blinds there too, I almost felt relieved I could not see what they were doing, only occasionally her head and her top part of the body, for a brief few seconds, only to dive in the bed again.

Does it matter that afterwards, when the whole rite was over that she went back and forth in the window we had full visual access without any clothes on?

Not really. Much like going to a nudist beach, her body was a sight to behold, but not abuse. If I was not heterosexual, I would have noticed her erotic partner as well. But admittedly, I couldn’t care less. Her figure was divine, and through her presence, her hazy details, and her natural eroticism, I could only think of Venus rising from the waves, her beauty irresistible to god and man alike.

And then it was June. And the summer has once more begun…

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