Written By Anna.

I couldn’t ask for anything more besides him… only him. This is what I wanted to feel close to me, next to me and yes, inside of me. A casual conversation on the phone, with him making me laugh and me on the other end wanting to ask him how are we going to spend the night together that we were planning.

“What is it that you want?” he asked, with that deep voice of his, full of tenderness when he speaks to me.
“Uuumm, I want us to sleep together. No pun intended here mister, but I just want to sleep next to you tomorrow. Is that okay?”
“Yes, it is. Just so you know, we’re watching a movie- for real.”
“Sounds good to me.”

The time was set, I couldn’t wait for the time to pass so that I can be there, close to him. He takes me upstairs to show me his place, and I’m thinking to myself how great this night is going to be.

I make the attempt to sit on the bed but he stops me.

“No clothes on the bed. That’s an order.”
“But how am I going to sit ….”

I take my pants off, leaving just my blouse on. I hop into bed with him, who is by the way totally naked underneath the blankets. “Oh my god”, I think to myself, “I don’t know the hell am I going to watch this movie now.”

The movie starts, he is leaning close to me to keep me warm and he is stroking my hand softly. He puts aside my hair from my neck and kisses it slowly; I can’t do anything besides melt. Then, he takes his focus back to the movie- and he watches the scene patiently. I am trying to do the same, but then simultaneously we both turn to look at each other. We smile, and he comes closer to kiss me; the kiss, long and wet, turns into one of those bear hugs under the blanket with our bodies both locked with each other. He presses pause to the movie and with giving me a long kiss he starts caressing me all over my body. When he reaches my thighs, he removes my underwear and masterfully, he touches my clit.

His hands don’t stop touching me the entire time, and all of a sudden he’s moving to place himself between my legs.

I’m starting to shiver, as I feel his breath and then his tongue licking me up and down; my legs begin to tremble, and he orders me to try to keep them steady. He is in between my legs, licking me slowly, with his eyes pinned on mine. He doesn’t stop looking at me, and I’m getting more wet as the minutes’ pass by. He offers a kiss to my clit, a lick and he whispers “Mine…”, as he is sliding two of his fingers in me. His rhythm, intense as ever finds my G spot, and with no mercy, he makes me come three times in a row.

I feel like I’m close to fainting, but all I can think of is that I want him in my mouth.

“Come here… I want to taste you.”

He comes close again, kisses me and leans back on the bed. Knowing what he’d like the most, I don’t kneel in front of him exactly to see my face. Instead, I just kneel backwards and let him enjoy my ass as the view, as I begin to lick him and taste him in my mouth. I can feel him getting hard as I put him in my throat deep down… and as I hear his heavy breath and the question “what was that that you just did?”, I lean back to look at him staring me impatiently.

“You want to see? I can show you.”

Now with my face as the view, I take him again in my mouth and as I lick him softly, I urgently move him deep down my throat again.

“You little devil…”, I hear him say and then suddenly he’s on top me, grasping me by the neck really hard. He kisses me also hard with much demand, and slaps me as he realizes that I’m close to my orgasm again.

He tilts me back, takes my legs in his hands and holds them up high… and with one move, he slides deep into me; and with no mercy again, he moves in and out of me, just the way I like it. His eyes full of lust and passion, hold my gaze as I’m screaming loudly. His rhythm gets again quicker as he realizes that I’m about to come; he smiles tenderly, slides into me even quicker and just like that, I feel my whole body exploding and my legs trembling as I climax.

We both lean back so that we can hug each other, and stay there for a few minutes.

Then it was time for a second round…


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