It was a casual Friday evening. I had just gotten off work and I was heading towards my place, when the phone rang and it was Jessica – a long time, no see lost friend of mine, that I hadn’t seen in years. She told me she was back in town for good and that she was planning a huge “I’m back people” party for the next day. I didn’t have anything special planned, so I agreed. Never thought what effect that “yes, why not?” would have on me.

The party was crowded – Jess had invited half the town. Most of them I didn’t even know and  didn’t feel like getting to know them either. So I mainly stuck by the mini-bar, trying to be discreet as to the amount of the alcohol I was consuming.

The third time I reached for the vodka bottle however, my hand stumbled upon a tiny, soft hand. We both drew our hands quickly, followed by a couple of “you first” notions and awkward smiles.

Her name was Nina, she was 26 years old but nothing in the way she looked gave that away; with her eerie silhouette, her blondish long her and her big green innocent eyes, she didn’t look more than 22, tops.

We got to talking and she told me how uncomfortable she was. She was Jessica’s roommate, coming from Norway to help her on her next project – and she didn’t know a single person in the entire room. So I decided to be polite and keep her company.

Which turned out to be much easier than I had initially thought. After a couple of drinks she seemed a lot more relaxed and she was funny as hell. And, at one moment, as were laughing, her hand landed on my thigh – and  stayed there.

Our eyes locked and, for a second, it felt really awkward; because her way of staring at me left little to no doubt. A thousand things flashed through my mind (She comin’ on to me? Do I want that? Could I…? Yes, I’ve thought about it in the past, but… I’m straight, right? Then why am I so turned on? What do I do?) and, in a fraction of a second, they were gone, as I looked into her eyes.

Yes, I wanted it. Yes, I didn’t know where it could take me and no, I didn’t care. I wouldn’t have thought it twice if it was a guy I liked as much as her – so why did I have to think it then? And I let go.

I put my hand over hers and pressed it against my thigh – a clear cut sign that the game was on. She then took my hand and we quietly moved along the crowd to her room, seeking for isolation. When she closed the door and lit a couple of candles, I took a few moments to appreciate her beauty.

Her touch was the softest I could ever imagine, it made my whole body shake uncontrollably. Her kiss was so soft and tender, like nothing I’ve experienced before. And her mouth between my legs… oh, sweet god, I can’t even begin to describe the shock waves of pleasure it send to my spine.

I so wanna get into detail… but I won’t. Not unless you ask me to do so on my next story – where there will be no introductions, only feelings and senses awakened by her touch.

By Rene.

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