The room is dark and so are my thoughts. I’m struggling to get some sleep, I got to wake up early tomorrow and I would like to avoid having “raccoon eyes” at my meeting – but I don’t see that happening.

Because I saw you again today.

You were in the lecture and sat just a few sits away from me and, suddenly, all my attention was yours. I focused on your husky voice each time you made a witty remark on the subject – and I was wondering how perfectly erotic it would sound if you were whispering dirty thoughts in my ear.

I noticed your hands and dreamt about how their touch on my naked body would feel.

I concentrated on your blue eyes and how they gazed intensely on our professor – and fantasized about them gazing at me, if I was standing naked in front of you.

My bed feels cold and my body is aching, as I long for your touch. I close my eyes and bite my lower lip, thinking that you’re the one biting it. I twist and turn, trying to resist the urge to touch myself, but resistance is futile and I realized it from the first moment I laid eyes upon you.

I give in.

With my eyes still closed I imagine you enter the room, shrouded in the shadows, with only your face revealed by the dim light of the candles on my nightstand.

You take your time, you’re in no hurry – I’m the one who can’t keep her breath steady and my hands are already strolling over my naked body.

You lock eyes with me with these mesmerizing, clear blue eyes of yours and my impatience grows stronger. My hands now softly touch my breasts, the way I imagine you would touch them – I let a soft moan escape my lips.

After a few seconds, you’re leaning over me and all I can do is keep myself from begging you to get inside me. It wouldn’t matter anyway, because you want to taste me first. At the first touch of your lips, I feel I’m ready to explode – and my hand is exploring my pussy as I think your tongue would do.

I don’t think I can wait any longer. My body shivers, my core yearns for release and I’m so wet that I can barely feel it when I slide – as I think you would slide, so effortlessly – a finger inside me.

There’s no point in restraining myself anymore. I frantically rub and finger myself, my eyes tightly closed, my brain taken by your face. I come in a matter of seconds and the orgasm is so powerful that I’d want to be able to come and thank you next time I see you.

As I finish my shower I swear to myself that this will be the last time I do that. I vow that from now on, I’ll be a good girl and stop coming to the thought of a total stranger.

Or maybe I’ll send you this piece of paper and let you decide whether we could turn my fantasy into reality.


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