When I first met her, she was barely a teenager – five years younger than I was and the kid sister of my flat mate-to-be. I was 21, and staying in their beach house for the summer. I still recall the first time we met – she came out of the house in a tiny two-piece, all cute and candy as she introduced herself “Hi, I’m Cathy”.

And,  although she was all but invisible to me – and I felt that I wasn’t invisible to her either – I didn’t pursue it. Yes she was hot alright, but I didn’t want to end up behind bars for an underage hottie.  However, during my stay at their place, her thought did offer me quite a few powerful orgasms.

Fast forward to six summers later, I got a call from my flat mate. He would be out of town and was calling to see if I could put his sister up for a few nights. I was pretty busy working at the time, and I accepted without actually thinking about it.

But when she showed up, a couple of days later, I was like well-well, what have we here; the freckled, bespectacled scrawny teen had grown into a freckled, bespectacled woman with a pretty smile and full of lush curves. She seemed thrilled to see me as well, but an innocent hug and a peck on the cheek didn’t exactly show a lot of promise.

I helped her settle in her brother’s room and got back to work. By the time I had finished, it was already late in the evening. Her door was shut and I could hear nothing from behind it, so I assumed she was asleep and went on to have a shower.

While I was washing, I heard the door let a slight creak and suddenly a crazy notion popped into my head. What if she was watching from the keyhole? I shrugged the thought  – Daniel, ma boy, you watch too much porn. I finished my shower, got dressed and poured me some wine, like I usually do after a long day’s work. And maybe, maybe, I deliberately shut the cupboard a little louder than I should have.

A few moments later, she showed up. She claimed that I woke her, but her flustered cheeks seemed to tell a different tale – the one I was secretly hoping for. So I offered her a glass of wine, which she took rather eagerly.

We sat on the couch, drank wine and talked shop. She talked, anyway. I was too busy watching how her tight shorts cut in her smooth thighs and crotch as she sat, legs crossed, and how her puffy nipples showed through her tank top – a little too much and the room wasn’t that cold. I asked anything I could think of, just to have an excuse to stare at her full lips move and form words, wondering how they would feel on my lips.

Or around my cock.

I found it terribly hard to focus on what she was saying and, eventually, she noticed.

“You seem a bit distracted” she said with a cute smile “penny for your thoughts?”.

“Uhm, yeah. I was thinking about earlier, while I was showering… were you peeping?”.

Her shock and silence were enough. It took her but a moment to regain control and say “What if I did?”.

It was my turn to be flustered. I don’t know what I expected – maybe a slap? – but it certainly wasn’t this. My brain froze, but I managed to mumble “, did you see anything that you liked?”.

“Actually, yes, I did””, she said with a playful smile and drew me closer. She put her mouth on mine and gave me a slow, wet kiss. I kissed her back hungrily. And before I knew it, she was on top of me, teasing my tongue with hers and biting down on my lower lip as I ran my hands on her body.

Her hips were full and her ass round and plush – I couldn’t help but grab and squeeze it. I pulled her closer, so that she would feel my arousal. A soft sigh left her lips as she muttered “oh, boy”. She started grinding on me, her eyes shut, her face planted in the nape of my neck. I could almost feel her pussy through her flimsy shorts. Then she suddenly raised her head and began laughing.

“You don’t know, do you?”, she said. My perplexed look was answer enough. She sat up straight, her hips still moving slowly.

“Remember that summer in our beach house? I accidentally walked in on you when you were having a shower – you really didn’t notice?”

I was kind of shocked, I must say.”You did what?”.

“Oh, yeah” she said while continuing to grind her pussy up and down my cock, driving me crazy with each push. “It was the first time I saw a man naked! I felt embarrassed and aroused at the same time.”.

I pulled her down and kissed her hard. We began dry-humping like crazy. I pulled her tank top down and revealed her beautiful breasts. I started kissing and teasing her nipples with my tongue and felt her melt in my arms.

“Wanna know another little secret?”, she whispered. “I touched myself that night, for the very first time. With your cock in my head.”

That was it.

I rolled and got on top of her, stopping only to put on a condom and pull her shorts down. I looked into her eyes as I slipped into her hot, tight pussy. She arched herself against me, letting soft moans while biting my shoulders and I pulled her hair.

My fantasies when I first met her were nothing compared to the real thing. She was wild, passionate and more lustful than I could ever thought. We fucked long and we fucked hard until we both came moaning loudly. We laid there happy and exhausted – but only for a moment.

It was a long night, that one.

During the three days she stayed in the city, we fucked several times – the quickie at the airport bathroom just before she left excluded.

That was the last time I saw her.

Despite how often and how intensely I think of her, I’m not an asshole; I know she has a boyfriend now. Not that I care, of course. It’s not like I’m asking her brother about her from a time to time.

Not like I’d be knocking on her door as soon as I heard that she broke up.

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