How great is it when you feel prioritized by your loved one, by your friends and family, by your boss or your other relationships in general? Well, let’s admit it and not fool each other; it is one of the greatest feelings not because of the priority you get per se, but the pleasure to feel desirable. And even if it sounds a little bit selfish, all of us have the need to feel more desirable than something or someone else; it’s like an approval, a sense of being important to someone’s life. And, after all, who is not even a little bit selfish at all?

And that is, up to a point, the difference between what attracts you to someone and what really keeps you with to them. It’s easy to fall in love or to meet a new person because you are attracted to them but what about the next days, weeks, months? Actually it’s the time you dedicate to others, the level of how desirable and lovable they seem to you; the time for listening to them, for understanding them, for having fun together, for supporting them –for being there for them in general. By making time for the others, you offer one of the greatest “gifts” to them; you give away a part of yourself and your life that will never come back.

So, now, think on your own; is this person the one you mostly want to be with? The person you want to spend your day with? The person you want to talk to about your good and bad moments? The person you want to share some of your personal habits, experiences or problems with? And now answer about whoever you have in your mind; if your answer is “yes”, I’m pretty sure you have the need to have this person prioritized and that’s what you’re doing by spending a lot of your time with them. On the other hand, if your answer is “I’m not sure” or “no”, I think that maybe you keep more of your time for something that works better for you or for some other choices.

So now, you see? You get the point? Whoever wants to stay next to you, will! And you’re going to know it without the slightest doubt in your mind at all. Because that’s exactly what you’re also doing, what I’m doing and what everyone else is doing! We dedicate time to people, to activities and to things that are important to us, because it’s a kind of a need to us as well.

So, stop begging to be a priority to someone’s life. You can’t force someone to make you feel important or desirable; that’s not even something you should have to ask for. Simply because it is a natural function of every person who really wants something or someone. They don’t try to want it, neither are they forced to do so; it comes naturally.

And this is the kind of relationship we should search for, have and, of course, keep in our lives. Whether it’s your boyfriend or your girlfriend, your friend or your relative, you should feel it; you should feel the connection that brings you together, as well as the desire to keep this connection alive throughout time. You should feel the other person’s self screaming and wanting to make time for you and the ones for whom they care, regardless of how busy they sometimes are.

So, don’t let waiting and begging for someone’s time become your habit. Instead, use your time wisely and give your precious “gift” to the ones who really deserve it.

Author: Tonia Pirtsi

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