After many years I’ve finally realized as many others have realized many years before me that the purpose of our life isn’t having a million of friends but a few of them who will stay by us no matter what the future may bring.

You know, it’s really kind of a miracle to have one or two best friends who will stand by you, with a connection stronger than one of a brother or sister and to grow up together both mentally and physically as the years pass by. And I’m sure that all of you who are reading this right now, have already one in your mind, otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this article.

What’s even more magical is the fact that as the years pass by and we grow up and each one of us follows their own path in this life, our bonding with our best friends remain the same. Of course, some past habits are replaced with new ones, always depending on the particular stage of life we’re in but, even in this case, it is great to grow up together, isn’t it? Past crazy times to become a home movie night or relaxing after-work walks in the park, past relationships become engagements and marriages and most importantly, best friends become… parents.

And this is maybe the purpose of them as well; to grow up together and to live each one’s different states of happiness as our own.

How wonderful it is to watch the person with whom you’ve spent the most crazy, the most amazing years of your life in a totally different role – that of a mum or a dad!

I cannot say, it’s a little bit weird in the beginning, especially when you’ve decided to follow a totally ‘different path’ than theirs in your life.

The times you were talking about studies or jobs, nights out or travels suddenly are replaced by discussions about nausea, visits to hospitals, baby clothes and baby talks. Various feelings; a combination of excitement and curiosity at the same time overcome your mind and soul. Questions about how it’s going to be, what changes this fact will bring in your relationship but also in your friend’s life as well. What will your relationship lose from all these?

And as the time goes on, more and more thoughts and questions are arising and the ‘roles’ you were preparing for, for so long come to a reality. A mini, second self of your best friend finally walks in your company and the truth is that yes, it changes almost everything.

All those questions you had in your mind are suddenly answered by a single look at your friend’s gaze of happiness each time you lay eyes on them. It is then when you, all in once, realize how blessing it is to have the chance to become an uncle or an aunt to your best friend’s child.

Because this is what really happens; as grandparents see their children’s children as their own, two times over, the same also happens when your best friends have children. You automatically become their ‘crazy’ aunt or uncle.

Every single toy or ‘cute’ baby clothe you happen to see, suddenly is connected with your best friend’s child. And the truth is that as you watch your friend to do really well in their new role, so much you also enjoy yours.

It’s a totally new chapter to two totally different roles but by exactly the same people. Does it sound weird? I can assure you, it’s not. To the contrary, it’s one of the best human growths ever.

And so what if your discussions are now limited to first words, first steps, first days at school and first teeth? Isn’t life all about firsts anyway? What could be more enjoyable than a first time mum and a first time aunt or uncle who happen to know each other better than anyone else?

Nothing. Because this is what life is about; to be able to find your own happiness in others’ happiness as well. To know that from now on you are going to have a little buddy who will make your life a little bit better, just like their mum or dad.

Because you’ll always be there to watch them growing up –and to continue growing up together as well

Author: Tonia Pirtsi

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