Have you ever felt the wonderful feeling of traveling to new places with your beloved one?

I really consider it a unique one, as your partner suddenly becomes your only company, your best friend, your lover, your soul mate – your whole world. Of course, he already is, but sometimes not all at the same time, right?

Most people in our lives have their own ‘unique’ parts in it. There are our friends, our family, some acquaintances, and, of course, our partner who usually plays many parts simultaneously, depending on different circumstances. In any case, partners sometimes are our best friends, they represent our –new- family, they can also take the part of a simply known to us personally – usually in times we’ve fought- but, in any case, they always remain our lovers.  Being surrounded by friends and family, each and every one of them plays their own role in our lives and to this effect we also let our love mates play theirs.

It usually depends on the existing circumstances, part of which our lovers represent in the current moments of our lives. But, when talking about traveling, one thing is for sure: when traveling the world with the one you love, they become your everything; simply because you have them exclusively to yourself, that is, without being surrounded by anyone else.

And this my dears is one of the greatest feelings of traveling with your love mate.

It is only you and them, somewhere far away from everything; only you and them, on your own. Your whole life, your happiness, your sadness, your funny and unsmiling moments, your calmness and agitation, your smiles and laughs are only expressed and depending on a particular person: your significant other.

Traveling together can test your limits together, make you learn each other even better and of course create a deeper bond between you. For the better or for the worse, journeys and trips offer you the chance to be completely yourself, away from the stress and anxiety of your everyday life. They make you feel more alive exactly because you are out of your comfort zone and your routines.

Traveling together isn’t about just having fun and taking romantic photos in the world’s famous attractions. It’s also about spending exclusive time with the one you love and always learning something new about them – and yourself as well.

It’s like discovering other aspects of yourselves in a completely foreign country or town with everything being foreign except your partner. It is also the time when you can appreciate what and whom you have next to you. Waking up and sleeping next to the person who has the same exact thirst as you to see the world.

It’s the curiosity of discovering new places, beautiful landscapes, unique views, simple everyday ways of life together. In a few words it’s about exploring life together – and what could be better than this?-

You know, discovering life, in combination with the one you love, is one of the best ways to create memories of a lifetime. Stories that can be told many years later and still leave you with that stupid smile of happiness on your face. Stories that have made you fall deeper in love, cry and laugh, get angry, and get crazy, relax, and live your life to its fullest. Unique, restless, and alive experiences with a person whom you finally happen to realize as your soul mate.

Getting back home, your home will be still the same; what will be different are the pictures in your mind and that, in itself, changes everything.

That is exactly the magic of discovering a new world together; living your life to its fullest and leaving small pieces of you in all these regions and people you meet along your way together. And after all, remembering images that others could hardly imagine there are on this world.

And believe me, there’s nothing better than having a partner ready to leave their comfort zone and see places, countries and continents. There’s nothing better than having a soul mate ready to be anywhere on this huge world with you and living a life full of adventures.

Because what else do we really need in this life? A soul mate ready to offer us the adventure of a lifetime; a partner in crime, willing to wander the unknown with us and make our shared life’s moments a story worthy to be told.

And believe it or not, this is exactly what traveling the world together is about.

Author: Tonia Pirtsi

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