Love is not always ‘forever’. And emotions once awakened can easily return to their unconscious slumber.

There are many reasons; some of them could be that each relationship’s emotions have their ups and downs and some other may occur due to emotions that turned into routine.

After you’ve been together for a while – maybe years – times or memories that were really funny and exciting for both of you now get harsh and boring. The differences and the details you once found so attractive about your beloved one now turn into annoying ones and so, that rose slowly starts wilting.

Arguing, fighting, bad and hurt feelings, resentment, exasperation and unsatisfied needs are always part of your mind and your life now. One wrong word, one awry, a simple sideways glance, the slightest mistake can easily cause frustration and rough fights between you.

Even if some say that if you argue, you shouldn’t worry, but when you stop you should be concerned because this means that there’s nothing left for them to fight for, I partly disagree. Continuous fighting, whether it is loud or silent, always makes you both feel sad, hurt, exhausted, tired, and powerless to work for your relationship.

And then, one day, you suddenly realize that all your positive feelings have turned into negative ones. And as the days pass by, you realize that the emotions your beloved one once brought to life in you are, in a way, dead now.

But are they really dead or did they just fall asleep for a while?

How did it come to this? What happened to the joy, the fun times together, the great sex, your intimate talks? Where are those two people who fell so deeply in love?

Let me tell you. They don’t exist anymore, my dear.

There are cases when all these can be fixed again; when you can revive your emotions and bring them to their former state. But this can only happen when both the parts of a relationship really want to fix it and fight for it; when they’re able to accept and forgive their past mistakes in order to make it as good as it was before.

I wouldn’t say that it’s easy. But which strong relationship thrives through the easiest ways? Which relationship has only good parts and a happy ending?

In most cases, arriving at this state of your feelings means that there’s something really wrong in your relationship.

Feelings are not lifeless. They have a soul, they are alive inside us, and like every alive being in this world, they need constant care and nutrition in order to be maintained.

It isn’t about if it’s easy or difficult. The case here is that they reached this state for a reason. And whatever this is, the result remains the same; they haven’t been taken care of as they should have been.

Something leaves you only when you leave it as well. The same goes for emotions.

Trying to figure out why it happened won’t save it anymore. There are a lot of reasons which can lead to this, but I’d need pages and pages to write about them. The point here is that it has happened and that itself shows you that you have to leave it behind.

So, what I say is no, dead emotions cannot be revived. You cannot return to something that had totally killed you once. Emotions haven’t got an on/off button –as we wish they had– and they don’t come and go so easily.

As much effort as it takes to awaken them, so much effort is also needed to shut them down.

Keep what you have inside you for someone else. For the one who won’t let you lose your feelings.

Don’t make yourself, and your emotions, work with an on/off button because you are not a machine to be turned on and off whenever someone else wants to play.

You are a living being with a beautiful soul and it would be better to protect it as much as you can.

Author: Tonia Pirtsi

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