The storm was getting stronger. I was soaking wet and trying to find shelter. I didn’t know where I was going. I felt lost in a way but I kept walking anyway. My mind was in shambles. The last image was of the one I loved and treasured. The image of someone, whom I cherished and, who was now gone! The image of a soul mate, just moments before, an image that was destroyed, as I found out, in the hardest way, that I had just been manipulated and lied to.

And that was harsh!

Lighting was screaming all around me, just as my soul was. People were running to shelter themselves from the weather, and I to protect my soul. I was not singing in the rain anymore. I just wanted to shout and yell and scream. But I didn’t have any more power. The only thing I wanted was to sit somewhere.

I found myself in a square with these beautiful green benches. I walked toward them, found a spot and just sat down. And the raindrops ran down my face, mixing with my tears. And people, as they ran, stared at me in such an odd way. But I did not care. I think I did not feel anything actually.

And then, out of nowhere, you came along.

“Are you all right? Do you need any help?” You asked as you gently touched my shoulder. I lifted my eyes and I saw the most beautiful rainbow of all – you. You were wrapped in your white overcoat, which was a total contrast to your beautiful long black hair and your dazzling brown eyes. And your voice, my God, your voice was such music to my ears. “Yes…” I replied with a trembling voice. And you sat by my side, protecting me from the rain with your elegant umbrella.

“Talk to me, if you want to…” And I started explaining what had happened as if you were my best friend, as if I had known you for years; as if you were someone close and dear to me. You just sat there and listened to my story, to my worries, without any interruptions. And as I was talking to you, I felt so good, so relieved. And the rain stopped.

“Do you want to walk with me up to the metro? I have an appointment and I have to leave…” you said to me.

“Yes of course”, I answered and we have started walking towards the station. I wanted to thank you for all the things you had done, in such a small period of time, for me. I wanted it to show you my appreciation for being there, in my difficult time and, if possible, I wanted to see you again.

As we were crossing the street a saw a flower shop.

“Could you wait for a minute?” I said. I went in and bought a beautiful red rose. “This is for you,” I said. “Today, it was difficult for me. One of the hardest moments of my life and you came and gave me the most precious gift of all, your heart. I want to see you again, if it’s all right with you.” You stood there with a beautiful smile in your face. You looked at me with those beautiful black eyes

“Ok…” you answered me… “When and where can I meet you again?” I asked.

“Why not here, tomorrow, οn this beautiful green bench where I first saw you… But instead of crying I want to see you smile, ok” you said…

And from that day on we meet at this beautiful green bench. I gave you a rose for thanks; you gave me your heart. And that was the most precious gift I have ever got.

Thank you my love…

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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