Am I too early? Though I intently scan the crowd, I cannot see you anywhere. I know that we said 6:00 o’clock and I am here a bit early. The job interview didn’t take long so I came straight here. I thought it would be nice to meet you today, as the interview was near your house. Well, ok! I will wait! After all, it’s better to wait for you than to wait for me. Ladies should not wait after all!

As I stand here, I watch the coming and going of the people around me. Words come to my mind, and they’re not at all happy and positive; darkness, despair, sadness, blackness, pain. Just a bit of love. It’s like the people’s faces are talking to me. Some of them just stand there, staring at nothing, lost in their thoughts. And their faces aren’t happy. Most of them are sad, drops of despair surrounding them. Others seem as if they do not have any feelings at all. As if they are robots who go back and forth, on a specific route, making specific movements. And time passes by like that; as do the trains.

Oh, where are you?! I feel a bit lonely among them all. Am I the only one who is in love? I am so happy that I will see you again, especially after the interview. Job interviews make me so nervous. It’s as if I lose the train of my thoughts, my words are there, but I cannot say anything. Seeing the one I cherish is a privilege. I realize eventually that I am not the only one in the metro station feeling happy. There is one more!

A homeless man is lying on the tiles in a corner of the metro station entrance and he is smiling. Yes, he is smiling because someone brought him a new blanket and some food for the night. And tonight things won’t be so hard and cold for him.

Now it’s me that is getting sad… In the year 2017, with such wealth around us, so many homeless people! Men, women, young, old — all ages… and we move around them as if they are not human beings. No, I think it’s not that. It’s even worse! We know what they are but as we see them we move faster because we do not want to confront them. Because if we confront them, we have to face our own self and responsibilities; and it’s tough to know that you are not doing anything to fix the many maladies of this world.

But the smile comes to my face again! I see an old couple coming into the station holding hands. And when we are surrounded by love, hope comes through the door. She is so beautiful and she is holding a red rose in her hand. He has a big smile on his face, feeling special because he holds the hand of the woman he loves. It’s a picture to keep in your heart. They are talk and joke and, as she smiles at him, he gives her a tender kiss on the lips…

At last! There you are! I think you are running because you know you are late! “I am sorry for being so late! But my sister called me and I had to…” And before she ends her sentence, I took her into my arms and kissed her. A passionate kiss, full of love.

“I missed you…” I said. “Well, I missed you too,” she said with a beautiful smile.

Unique feelings, for ordinary people, in a train station — and life goes on…

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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