What a world! Struggling all day long for success! Do this, do that… fighting, wondering, worrying, and, in the end, either you succeed or not, you smile or cry, you feel happy or sad. All I am saying is that things happen –and are going to keep happening– as long as you try!

But when things do go on, when you have a result, any result, who is the one person that pops into your mind first? Who is the one person that you are going to call or text, want to see, and share the news with?

I believe this is the person that is deepest in your heart. It’s the person that fulfills you; makes you feel whole. Strong words for the soul but so meaningful!

In a coldhearted world, being genuine, admitting –to even yourself– that your first thought belongs to your other half, is a brave act. Is an act that goes beyond egotism. It goes against your mind, which keeps yelling at you, telling you to keep things to yourself, to protect yourself, avoiding showing your feelings. It’s an act of glory for your soul!

Beware of the wolves, though! Do not share anything if your priority is to get a response. Be sure of yourself and have in mind that the other side might not answer your thoughts, for many reasons.

People are afraid to love.
People do not know how to love.
People have scars from the past; they are haunted by it or stuck to it.
People believe that you are going to hurt them.
People do not know how to trust anymore, or simply they do not want you the same way you want them.

Keep those things in mind before you express yourself!

First thoughts are for the ones that feel sure about what there is in their heart. They are not afraid to be hurt again because love is a one-way ticket. Show it. If the other half buys that ticket you are ready for a very long and beautiful trip. If not, at least you have tried.

These people still trust human beings. They see the best in them. They admire them and have strong beliefs for them. They are giving something precious, something most people tend to forget; love and trust. Yes, they might be characterized as romantic fools, but in a world full of clever idiots, a romantic fool always brings with them a new perspective!

Now pretend that you are the other half. – the receiver of the message. And you are tired of all things around you that are bogus. You are tired of being used. You are tired of confusion and lying, you are tired of phony people and fast track situations. Then someone shows up and gives you this special gift – their thoughts. You are the first thought in the morning, the special thought during the day, and the last thought for the night. Wouldn’t be that wonderful? Wouldn’t that person be someone to lean on? Wouldn’t it be nice once again to open your heart and see for yourself how genuine thoughts can become beautiful acts? Either way, this is someone who deserves a chance from you.

I know the world is cruel and ugly and you have been hurt many times –and you don’t want to be hurt again– or maybe you think I am exaggerating, or that I am just describing a fairy tale. Or even that these people exist as long as they get what they want from you and then they vanish.

I am not going to disagree with you. All I am saying is that, if you ever encounter such a person of truthful thoughts, in all of your lifetime, if you have a suspicion that you are near such an individual, who cares for you in such a gentle manner, you are just a very lucky person! What you are going to do it’s up to you. But believe it or not, you are going to feel special and unique and you will live memorable situations.

No matter what, you will be the jewel in someone’s life!

And that – maybe – will be the start of a beautiful story…

The story of a lifetime…

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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