There are times you want to hug them, there are times that you want to run away from them, and times that you feel that your homicidal tendenceis have been brought out; but most of the times, maybe with a smile or a few sweet words, they are capable of wiping out everything that made you feel sad, mad or tired. They remind you of the beauty of life and how many things you have forgotten as you grow older. Yes, I am talking about the real angels on the earth; children!

You can learn so many things about yourself when you are around them. Things you always knew but have forgotten — and things that you didn’t know at all. They amaze you in a lot of ways. For example, in our society, which hides behind a mask of lies or half truths, children come and express exactly what they want, with honesty and real feelings. They will tell you what they feel about you and if they love you they will hug you or they will express it verbally. And if they do not they won’t even come close to you. They are not afraid to say “I am sorry” and they let go of anger easily. They are affectionate and they will want to make you happy.

They like to learn new things and have fun with life. There isn’t a day a kid will not laugh, even if it is in a difficult situation. They have the ability to find joy around them, in the little things, and put all their energy into playing and having a wonderful time. And even if you do not know or understand it, playing is more vital than learning sometimes. Unfortunately, as we grow older we forget that part of life; the part that we can have fun and live in happiness because we waste so much energy on the “serious” stuff; such as money, job, relationships.

Another lesson you can learn from a child, that can have a beneficial effect upon this world who is suffering again from racial bias and prejudice, is that they do not discriminate another child upon their color or race. If one were to let children of all races, colors, religions and ethnicities in a school yard, and they will find a way to communicate; they will get along and they will play, because nothing, beyond their game, is seperating them. They will cooperate, they will understand each other — even if they do not speak the same language. Children will play with every child until their parent tell them not to.

And even though we all understand how precious their existence is, we do everything to jeopardize their living. According to UNICEF, “Around the world, millions of children are denied rights such us safety, play, health, education and deprived of what they need to grow up healthy and strong – because of their place of birth; because of their race, ethnicity or gender; or because they have a disability or live in poverty… Unless the world tackles inequity today, by the time 2030, 167 million children will live in poverty, 69 million children under age 5 will die between 2016 and 2030, 60 million children of primary school age will be out of school…”

So, you know now the beauty of children and the beast that is constantly above their heads. It’s your duty to protect them and ensure a viable future for them; as it is your future as well! And as I am writing these words, I remember the lyrics of a song:

“…We are the world, we are the children…We are the ones who make a brighter day…”

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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