It has happened to all of us. You meet someone, you start slow, you hear a lot of things and you start thinking. You were hurt in the past but as things progress, you consider that this one might be the start of something good. Even so, you keep moving slow. You give chances; you have fun, good sex and the feelings get stronger. But you continue to hold yourself back. The mind remembers and the heart screams.

You are wonder if this time it will be different. “Discipline…” you shout to yourself. You cannot let yourself go again; you cannot fall into a deep sentimental situation. You are together just to have fun. You promised yourself to keep it safe. You swore you wouldn’t betray your thoughts, your heart, your soul; your inner self. This time you will be ready to protect the deepest part of your existence; the part which seeks acceptance and love.

But unfortunately a betrayal has taken place – The betrayal of yourself!

You open the barriers of your heart and thoughts and, caring, forge ahead. You believe that those things are enough for the beginning so that the person across you can realize that you are different from the rest of the world. You start to give more and more. You believe that your souls eventually are at a meeting point. And then the cold reality comes.

You suddenly realize that this person is starting, day by day, to draw away. Your instinct is telling you something is going wrong. But no! You have faith in your heart. You trust the words you hear as you ask for reassurance. “No. I do not have a problem with you” you have been told. But eventually, as if you’re actors in a play, the truth is on stage. And you start to feel so awful, so bad.

No! No! Not with the other person. After all, this person made their choice. You are not responsible for that. Do not think that way. If such a person can’t understand your love, why bother trying to feel more?

Alter your view. Think differently and position all your energy directed to yourself. You might even be thankful someday because it made you move into a better future and redeem you from the worst!

You are feeling awful because you have betrayed yourself. You have betrayed the only one that you have. I know! Who can resist their heart? But you had given a promise. And the promise has been broken. And how does this make you feel? You feel disgusted!

Betrayal for some people is the worst kind of feeling. It means that the trust and the faith that you showed were shredded to pieces. And if you’ve done that to yourself, well, things are a bit more difficult…

But the past is the past and you have to move on. Time and patience will heal you after all. This is the cure for all betrayals. You have heard it so many times but it’s the truth. Embrace your soul, evolve and stare at the future stronger and healthier. New promises to yourself must be made, new things must be done and you must surround yourself with people that give you love, trust and kindness. Stop over thinking and create positive things.
Let’s start with a smile…

Now you have a lot of work to do…
Do not waste any more time…
Forgive yourself its betrayal, learn from it and glow…

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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