You can feel it everywhere as you take a walk down the street. There is energy all around. Even inside you — there is a sense of rebirth and a feeling of a new beginning. The colors of the flowers, as they bloom all around you, and their scent makes the atmosphere uniquely extraordinary. Your senses want to enjoy the warmth and light that spring brings and your inner self is thinking how to renew itself and what the best way to balance and grow from inside.

And what a better time to make changes and prepare ourselves for the upcoming season of summer?

For starters, nurture your body! Yes, this powerful machine you own, which might not be your top priority during winter time, now needs your attention to make it better and stronger. Firstly, take advantage of the season, since you may feel more energized, and secondly have in mind that during summertime you will not wear as many clothes and the imperfections of your body will be more obvious; how many of you always asked themselves during summertime “why didn’t I take that aerobics class during spring time?” So, start now and you will see the results soon enough!

Furthermore, I believe it’s a perfect time to take a step back from your fast-track life and slow down a little. Give yourself a break and try to enjoy nature around you as it’s being reborn. Take more walks near the sea or in a forest and observe the “words” whispered by the landscape around you. Take a deep breath and let your mind wander. Maybe you’re downshifting a little from your everyday life, but you do it in order to upshift the overall quality of your life.

As it is the time of renewal, why don’t you focus on things that you have forgotten during the winter season but should have always been in your mind as your first priorities? For instance, when was the last time you assessed your general health or had your last check up? When was the last time you did something creative or helpful for others? And besides kicking yourself every time something wrong was going on, why don’t you take a break and offer yourself a weekend off somewhere beautiful?

Most of all, I think springtime is a perfect time to get rid of things that weigh us down or they are sucking up all our energy! As the old is dying and the new is ready to be born again, allow yourself to change into something positive and let go of the thoughts that drag you down or you postponed so many times. Give room to new things to come into your life and allow yourself to let go of the past. Imagine the things you deeply want and let the energy around rejuvenate you!

Summer is not far away and we are in the middle of the most interesting part of the season. Grab the chance and start making changes. As Leo Tolstoy said in Anna Karenina, “Spring is the time of plans and projects”. And what better project could you have than making yourself healthier, stronger and more beautiful than ever before? Not only for the enjoyment of the refreshing summer sun but for yourself as well, since these small but essential changes will set you on course for a life that is not only fulfilling and meaningful but fully your own.

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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