From the moon and back to the deepest places of space; from mythical places that elves and princesses live to superheroes that save the earth; from serious matters to funny ones. What is the one and the only thing that can cause such an impact on the mind? What is the one thing that can take you to unimaginable places and in the same time can make you think and wonder around? But what else other than reading.

Reading is an active mental process. It can make your brain stronger, capable of more things as you go through. Take, for instance, TV. You just see without thinking and most of the times, if someone asks you, it’s difficult to remember what you’ve been watching; you have forgotten about it. But with reading, because you process so many different things to have a meaning, such as a syntax or grammar, your brain starts to work in a more constructive way.

Through reading, your vocabulary gets better and better having a huge impact in your everyday life as you can start having more eloquent speeches. And as you can understand eloquence is a characteristic that can make a person more desirable and more persuasive. Remember, you are a unique creature that can make sounds into words and by reading all this can get better and better.

Besides that, with reading, we can have a brief look at other cultures. We can learn about a specific customs. What is their lifestyle, their ethics; how they think and how they behave. Their technological advances and their history; for example, most of the western civilization is based on the written artifacts of ancient Greeks. People read them and evolve them – and through them.

A very serious, and good, effect as well of reading is that it enhances concentration and focus. While you are reading a magazine and most of the time you are just reading something superficial -although there are scientific magazines that require a lot of focus- during book reading, you need to be more concentrate and go back through the pages many times to understand the meanings. And as you do that, you are exercise your mind more and more and you get better and better just — like a muscle, the more you do, the stronger you get!

And by being stronger, self-esteem is knocking on your door. Just think! The more you read, the more knowledge you acquire. And the more knowledgeable you get, the more confidence you gain. You start to feel more secure about yourself. People are come to you, as you know so many things. Well there it is, self-respect is in your corner.

And let’s not forget that it can improve your memory, your creativity, and your discipline as well. Reading requires remembering details, facts, and figures and, in literature, plot lines, themes, and characters. If you take time out to read something, it requires planning and there is where you need the discipline to stick it. And what about when you are reading something new and different from you usual? It can make your brain sparkle with all new ideas.

Furthermore, it’s a plus to your social life as well because you always have something to talk about. How many times have we stopped talking because we didn’t have anything to say? It was embarrassing and you always wonder what you can do to stop those awkward moments. Well, I have good news for you. Start reading!

I believe one of the most important discoveries of the human mind, is the time when words become sentences and sentences acquired a meaning. From that day on a new, unimaginable world was born. Be a part of it and make it your best friend in your difficult days because as Ernest Hemingway said “…There is no friend as loyal as a book.”


Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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