Love works in mysterious ways. Life is so unpredictable. You think that you have finished with some things, but there it is; life comes and laughs right in your face. I had never dreamt a girl like you would ever come into my life. You have all the things I needed – and all the things I dreamt about. Sometimes I don’t know if this is real. I experience such incredible moments with you and I am scared that I might wake up and it will all be a dream.

It was one of those days that you want to forget. You just want to get along and finish all the work you have to do so you can have a drink and move on. As tired as I was, I went for a drink with my buddy at our usual bar. We were chatting about work, our day, old relationships, love, and how we screwed things up at points in our life. Things like the fact that love does not exist, laughing about it, and ending the discussion with the phrase “Sure, I’ll be in love with the next girl that comes through this door…” And then the door opened – and you came in.

It was one of those awkward moments in life when times stops. You have heard about it, read about it, talked about it. You do not know if it’s true until the point it happens to you though. You rushed in with your friends, laughing and chatting. Your smile was the first thing that I noticed and I knew that I had to meet you. As you passed me by, someone pushed you and you dropped the phone that you were holding. I immediately picked it up for you, finding a terrible excuse to start a conversation. And there it was. Magic was happening! We discussed a lot, laughed and at the end of the night, we exchanged numbers with the promise to see each other again.

After all the laughing and kidding about love… could I have been falling in love with you?

And so our story began… You give me so many things that for the first time I felt inadequate for someone else’s love. I was going through a lot of difficulties by the time you came into my life but you stood by me when others turned their backs. You were determined to be there for me and you did everything in your power to ease my soul and give me the strength I needed to get by. And this was a precious gift I would never forget my love.

As you look at me with those incredibly beautiful brown eyes, as I see that stunning smile of yours I think the whole world smiles back at me. For the first time in my life, I have willingly surrendered thoughts, stubbornness, and egotism and replaced them with gratitude, compassion, understanding, generosity, fairness, and companionship. And I must confess that every day you teach me something. As you teach your little students in your classroom. It’s no surprise for me how your little students hug you every time they have a chance. And I am so proud of you.

My dear love, I can keep writing more and more about you but it will not be enough, like the feelings I have for you in my heart. All I want to do right now is to kiss you, hug you and stare deep into your eyes. Because with every kiss, I love you more, with every hug, I feel your warmth, and every single time I look into your eyes, I see the magic of your soul.

Nothing more and nothing less for the end… You entered my life and illuminated it as candlelight the dark. You showed me the true meaning of love and care and for that, I offer you my heart and my love and my promise to create moments that will last forever!

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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