A relationship is about giving and caring; loving and hating, having a good communication. Is about laughing together, having an amazing sex, being patient and forgiving after a fight. Of course, there going to be problems. Sometimes they get solved; sometimes they don’t. If the problems are stockpiling and never get resolved, the end is near. So the time comes and you have to make a decision to end the relationship. At first, you feel that this was the only solution. But deep inside you do not want to lose contact with your partner. Or do you?

Well, it depends on the situation I suppose, as every relationship is not the same.

When you’re young, you feel like you can conquer the world. You meet the girl or guy of your dreams and you decide to ride together on this beautiful trip called life. So you decide to be serious about it and get married or live together. The time pass by and suddenly things change. Sometimes for the best. Other times for the worse; your partner is not as responsible as you would like him or her to be; they have started treating you badly and you can see it in the way they talk to you or in the way they handle difficult situations between you two in general. You try to change things, be patient but they just get worst. They start to insult you constantly and psychological violence is there to endure every day.

“That’s it”, you tell yourself. You cannot tolerate it anymore. So even though it’s a tough decision to make, you conclude that is better to be on your own than with someone that does not respect you or treat you right.

As you move on, you connect with a person that you deeply respect. The care, the admiration, and the love are always there. The things you missed so much are there and continuously showed to you. So you decide to take the next step. The relationship is blooming with passion and warmth. But there is one problem. Your “other half” already has another half; they are engaged. Problems become more and more obvious as time goes by. But you decide to stay because there is love. You fight, you accept things but, even having patience and acknowledgment of the situation, one day the affair is over. Although you have to leave, the emotions remain.

One soul, two different love stories. Is it possible to stay connected with a person that treated you badly and unfairly; even though you tried so much and were hurt so deeply? I suppose the answer is no. You will be friends and connect only with the ones that made you feel special and unique. The ones that, even though the romantic emotions are gone, the feelings of admiration towards them remains; because you always know that besides the problems you confronted the things you shared were true and strong.

I think in every situation the choice is yours and only yours to make. You always know what is best for you. Keep the ones that make you feel special close and keep the toxic individuals away, as their only purpose is to hurt you. Life is too short for being mean and too short for being a fool! Choose wisely and enjoy your life with the people that you love and be loved by!

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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