Impossible: An extremely difficult situation to deal with or to solve.

That is the definition of the word looking it up in a dictionary. And when you combine it with people or relationships, well the meaning gets a little bit confusing. Mostly because emotions, dreams, expectations -or any other aspect of the human soul- are involved. What is impossible for one person is not impossible another, and vice versa.

In every new endeavor, a person is full of hope and dreams of its potential in the beginning. As time moves on and obstacles get in your way, the process of perfection slows down. By the time you deal with the possibility that this little obstacle might give you a hard time accomplishing what it is you are trying to accomplish, the problem is already there. It is up to you now to examine how much you wanted it to happen. And if you do, then nothing really can stop you.

The essential factors for success are how much time you have dedicated to your project. How many hours you have given your attention to it, how many times you have continued to move on when you thought that things were getting worse or how much energy you have put it. And in the case of relationships, let’s replace the word energy with the word love. Well, I understand that in this materialistic world, where everything is tough and fast-paced, and people who successfully have things are worshiped by society right now, such words as love or sharing have no part in it because they do not bring any food to the table or pay the bills.

But what about when you are alone in your room, thinking that even though your bills are paid or food is on the table, there isn’t anyone at your side, to hold your hand or to make love to you? No, wait, we’re using the wrong word — it’s sex for you. You are a realist after all! Because, in the end, isn’t it impossible for anyone to understand you or to cope with your difficulties?

That’s not the case, though. Ιt happens because you stopped yourself from the process of love and affection. Because you thought it was impossible.

You have met people who taught you that it is impossible to achieve things because you are not strong enough or worthy enough and “love” is a just a pick-up line that people use only to get laid. Well, I have news for you. Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and you believe in love and its magic. Yes, it’s a magical word, which, when you truly feel ready, and truly want it to happen, it will happen. Be open when you come across it and everything might go completely differently.

When difficulties are around the corner, do not expect miracles to happen. It takes work with yourself and a true understanding of what is happening to your other half; if you care of course. Focus on the real issues between you and your mate, work hard and, in the end, try to feel good about yourself — at least you tried as far as you could. And maybe the result will surprise you!

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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