Imagine yourself standing in a bar. Laughing and drinking with your friends. Suddenly a beautiful person walks in. “WOW!” that voice inside you shouts and you start making up stories in your mind about how you can approach them or what to say. But wait a minute… Are you so confident that you will make the move after all or you will hide behind your insecurities and doubts about yourself? You see the key point here is not how the other person will react – but what your reaction will be. Now, take it on another scale; think bigger than this example. If you really have confidence issues, how this is affecting you generally in life? Does it actually hold you back from the real things you want to? Well, I think it’s time to challenge all these issues and start building a stronger you!

But what is confidence after all? Confidence is a person’s belief that a chosen course of action is the right one and that he or she can properly perform the action. Of course, in terms of a personality trait, confidence can be found as self-confidence, self-esteem, inner confidence, outer confidence. Important aspects of our personality that often can seem to be the key to success or recovery from failures to our everyday life. You might be thinking right now how fortunate the people who own such qualities are. But let me tell you a little secret… You can have them as well. Confidence is a skill that can be learned and cultivated if only you are willing to try.

Let’s begin with the thing that you always know and it’s time to admit to yourself: you are smarter than you believe, stronger than you think and braver than you seem. By saying that, you have made the first step to greatness. Start slow and manage your way to a better self. Try to pinpoint your strong and weak points. Doing this will benefit you in difficult situations such as doubting about yourself if you can do it or not. So focus on your advantages. Develop your willpower. As long as you know what and why you want to do things, you will identify what gets in your way. Start learning things instead of focusing on your lack of confidence. Giving attention to something that brings up your passion, will make you feel different, happier and all this positive energy will be brought to your life as well.

Be easy on yourself when something is going wrong. Do not knock yourself, rather try to tone down your worst thoughts, giving space to act in a more secure and productive way. Of course, you have to embrace your feelings but not staying there for the rest of the day. Try to be an alternative. Yes! Why think and enforce the bad thing in an experience you have when there is always a positive element lying in there? Why not trying to discover this instead of always bringing up the worst thing? And you know, for once, try not even think what went wrong. Find out a person you respect and admire an open an honest conversation about yourself and how people see you. Getting feedback of what you look like is always a good source of information for you to change and fix things.

Nevertheless, there isn’t any magical formula here that will change your attitude towards life. It’s only you and your ability to take care and evolve – all by yourself. There is the experience and the doing that creates confidence. Think outside the box for once, take a break from setting goals in your life, and focus on your emotions. Are you happy? Stuck? Feeling bad? What’s the point of a big goal if your soul is aching?

So the next time you will feel insecure or think you cannot do it, get up and find a mirror. What do you see there? I can see a beautiful, unique person trying for the best for its life. Yes, this is you!

Start believing, start trying, and start enjoying…

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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