Busy day? Stressed and nervous? Overwhelmed by a situation you cannot cope with or feeling trapped? Well, why don’t you do something beyond your comfort zone — like dancing? Clear a space in your bedroom, put on the music you love, close your eyes, and start moving! Yes, move your body to the rhythm! Do not resist it, just empty your thoughts and follow the music. You will be amazed by the feelings you will have afterward.

One of the benefits of dancing is a sense of energy. It makes you feel alive, feeling your own body in different ways, rather than only concentrating on the thoughts inside your head. It is scientifically proven that dancing and movement, in general, can decrease depression, improve your mood, and strengthen positive feelings.

Dancing is more than merely a release of yourself. More than simply doing something and expressing a certain emotion with your body. It can facilitate the healing process if you are in the midst of a traumatic period of your life, and it’s a way for your soul, body, and emotion work together and create wonders — especially during difficult situations in our life when we have forgotten to work as a whole unit rather than using only our mind or only our body.

Of course, you may be thinking that boosting your confidence is another story; making yourself feel more secure, more comfortable and how you can achieve that is on your mind. How many of your friends, colleagues, spouses try to give you the weapons to fight for a better version of you? If you are lucky, you will have plenty. But most of the time they are few and maybe none. In this materialistic world, why don’t you try a different approach for your benefit? The approach that involves the whole of your existence. Could dancing be the solution to that, too?

Feel the endorphins coursing through your veins every time you shake your body. Listen to its rhythm every single moment that passes, mixing it with those feelings of yours. Is it different? I suppose very different –and therapeutic– in a way. Spending all day at work, trying to make a living, or being unemployed thinking your future; both situations might have horrible results due to the pace of life we have become accustomed to. We stopped listening to our bodies, to our feelings, to our soul and by the time we hear them, it’s too late for us.

In a sense, dancing is the most direct way to the truth. Not some generalized truth for the public; but your own truth. It’s a way to talk to yourself, to establish this lost communication. To fight the way that others made you feel, telling you that you are worthless or that you are not good enough.

See yourself as you dance! Feel the glow as you smile doing that fancy move. Keep that! And maybe dancing is a way to seek refuge in your originality and is your power to reinvent yourself; to shed the past, stop thinking of the future, and enjoy what you are really having right now!

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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