The ultimate trophy of flirting is getting your first text or telephone, after exchanging info. In our case, we are talking about getting the first text. The holy grail of a new acquaintance is making a good enough impression that the other person thinks it would be nice to contact you again. How many times we have exchanged info, how many time we hoped for that person to contact us and what a disappointment it is when we don’t hear from them. But what about the times they got back to us? What about then?

In our last poll, here at Pillowfights, we asked you to answer what you do when you are get your first text after flirting and exchanging info. And, ladies and gentlemen, here are the answers!

The majority of our readers, 79 %, let their emotion overwhelm them, scream a big “YEAH!!!“, put a big smile on their face, jump up and down from joy and respond after a while. What a feeling, I must confess! Waiting no more… A start to a beautiful journey? Maybe! It’s up to you now. Let your heart lead you and make the best choice of words. A choice that represent your true feelings. Color them with your unique personality and let the games begin!

Some of our readers, around 13 % answered that they get their friends’ opinions first and then respond with their best choice from what was recommended. A more secure step you may add, but nevertheless isn’t a bad idea to ask before you act? Sometimes overwhelming feelings may contribute to answers that are not the best choices. Having someone pointing out the best words to choose, especially someone not emotionally involved, may give you a better perspective of the situation.

Of course, there are people that see the text and do not respond to it at all so the other will not realize how much they like them. A percentage of 8% confess that it is better to play hard to get than embracing their true emotions which is, in general, like a big bang! Yes admitted! You want to explode, you want to shout and scream! But things that might have happened in the past make you think twice before you act or you just believe that going very slow, may be in your best interest. Be careful, though! You have interacted in order to establish communication. Sending signals that might be understood as rejection, might have the opposite results. These, of course, are my humble thoughts. You know best.

Last -and least, I might add- 0%, answered “Which text? Did I get a text? When?”. Always have in mind the possibility of rejection. And it’s a good thing when it happens because it gives you the opportunity to rethink — about yourself, to examine your strong points, to fix your weak ones and, in general, it can make you evolve. And always have in mind that we are not made for everybody to like us. We are made to live a good life with people we love and who love us back. Rejection is part of that equation that is called life. Embrace it, learn the lessons it has to offer you, and become that unique and special person.

In conclusion, there aren’t any fixed answers to this question. The best thing you can do is the thing that your heart tells you to. Do it and go for it! Is it right? Only the outcome will give you the answer. So people, enjoy the moments and create exciting memories!

Author: Chris Kokkinelis

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