So you met, the flirtation phase went well and a couple of dates followed. Eventually you come to the point when it’s time to take the whole thing to the next level. Sex. It might not be your first time together –there are other places that, maybe not ideally, two people can have sex for the first time– but this is the first time you’re staying the night.

The intimate scenes of the night are not what concern us this week here at Pillowfights. This week we asked our readers what it is they do once the sun comes up and they wake up, for the first time, next to them, in their bed.

It can generally be an awkward situation; you’re in a strange place, you want to make a good impression as a house-guest and their night-time and morning routines are completely unknown to you. Sure, in the time you’ve spent together up until now you’ve talked a bit about routines but now that you’re there, it’s completely different and you don’t know what exactly to do so as not to impose on them or be annoying in the morning.

This is probably the reason why 20% of our readers voted that, as soon as they wake up they practically make a run for it. Why the walk of shame? Why get up out of bed and leave without even saying goodbye? Maybe you’re afraid of what it might mean for the two of you and the relationship if you do stay. Maybe you just got cold feet. It’s natural to be a bit scared after every first with a new person. It’s uncharted territory, terra incognita. It won’t give them the best impression, let me tell you that. They fell asleep with you next to them. Imagine what it will be like when they wake to a note –or even worse, nothing at all– on the pillow next to them. No pretty, I’ll tell you that. And is it worth “the talk” you’re going to have to have later. Because don’t think for a second that after such conduct, you won’t get an earful – at least. In all actuality, anything would be better than that. But hey, you got awkward, okay, maybe that could help get you off the hook.

It might not of course because, if you’re feeling that awkward you could have just stayed put, right there in bed and waited for them to wake up. At 44% of our readers, this was also the most popular response. And the most logical of the given choices. Yes, you’re in a new and strange bed, the place is not familiar and you wake up, not quite sure what to do with yourself since the owner of the bed you’re laying in is still in their 1st REM cycle. So you just stay there, listen to their breathing and probably go back and replay last night in your mind. It’s not the worst way to spend your morning, now is it?

Until of course you begin to get bored with that. What to do, what to do? Do you get up and rummage around their kitchen looking for the coffee, or do you turn and wake them up – not to be mean, but since reliving last night in your mind over again a couple of times you’ve gotten all hot and bothered. And they’re right there next to you so, why not, right? Besides, is there really a better way to wake up in the morning? 21% of our readers say that it is at least, because that’s what they would do the morning after.

Then again, you don’t really know if that’s a good idea, you don’t know if they’d actually like being “attacked” in their sleep. Maybe, on the other hand, you don’t really have time for a morning round, especially if you have to wait for them to wake up first. So a mere 15% of you voted that you’d probably go into their kitchen and start a search for caffeine, to wake up and to wake them up with as well. It’s not the worst idea (apparently, because we already said that if you’re still there, you’re better off than our first group who bailed as soon as they woke up) you could have after a wonderful night. Waking up to freshly-brewed coffee is pretty great.

I, myself, well, I’ve written about sleep, I’ve written about coffee and I’ve written about sex, so go fish. That is, in the off chance that I’m the one waking up first; which is not all that likely anyway.

Author: Nikól Peri

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