Hello there! Here we meet again… yeah, I know what you’re thinking! I always pick up the raunchy polls to write; damn it, I’ve been uncovered!

Okay let’s get started. Think about the most sexual, heated moments you had with your partner. I know preferences vary, but there is one thing at least all of us enjoy; plus, it keeps us in anticipation for what will come next. It’s the ultimate goal, the one thing that usually tells us how good the sex is with a particular person; an orgasm! (or many for that matter!)

This week, we asked you this: how do you like to make your partner go over the edge? Steamy, right? So, let’s see…

The 42% of you like to make your partner climax with your mouth. Ah, I get it. It’s in those moments when they look good (or magnificent), they smell good, their clothes fit them perfectly and all you want to do is literally squeeze them, kiss them and taste them? Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s in the first moments of sex, the ones that leave you wanting more and more. And more. This thing never ends actually. Go ahead and make them tremble… they’ll love it!

The 33% of you chose their hands to do their job. You are the sensual gals, aren’t you? I think this has to do with you watching their face. When you’re driving them crazy, when you make them scream, panting and they tell you with their whole expression and heavy breath, how can you not melt? Or want it to end?

With 17%, we have those of you who like it classic, yet stimulating: the intercourse. I get it too, guys. It’s the moment when you’re inside of them, or they’re inside of you and you’re closely intertwined. Nothing else matters, the rhythm quickens up, your bodies perspire, the passion is building up. And if you’re really generous, you make them come again, again and again. Or do you make them suffer a bit, for the sake of pleasure? Whatever it is, keep going.

And last, with 8% we have you, the kinky ones, using sex toys. Experimenting never hurt anybody and you’re the living proof of it. After all, why trying or doing the same things again and again in the bedroom (or anywhere else)? Vibrators, fellatios, rings… a variety for whatever it comes to mind to spice up every occasion. Let us all say amen! (Sorry, it’s my classic line when it comes to sex… and it’s totally applicable!)

Whatever your preference is, what you should always remember is to enjoy it! Whether it is a one night stand, a casual thing or (my favorite) with your beautiful beau, just give it your all and enjoy every damn second of it. Be generous, make your babe want more. Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy that look in their eyes when they climax; if you don’t, or say “whatever”, you’re lying. It is the ultimate turn on and ego boost afterall.

Unless it’s not your thing, so it’s fine.

Keep it hot, keep it steamy, keep it sensual, keep it raunchy. And if you have that special someone who makes you go wild, then by all means: rip their clothes off. They are your big lovey-dovey cupcakes, that with a little raunchiness can turn out to be the biggest sex devils in history. Everyone’s got that side! And you’re losing so much if you don’t just try it.

Get a room, a bed, your car, your favorite outdoor place, the beach; I don’t care what it is. And spend moments together like entangled rattlesnakes. If you’re saying no right now, we better have you checked.


P.S.: My dear fellow Pillowfighter Michael, since the poll was your idea, I deliver this to you with endless laughter and raunchiness!

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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