Ashes to ashes, dust to dust … and let’s keep it coming.

The past is in the past, with you either single because it was time to move on or because your beau decided to let go of you. Whatever it is, what is there to do now? Cry? Check. Feeling like shit? Check. Hopelessness? Check. But now, the days aren’t like that, right? The crying isn’t there, but still you’re not 100% okay let’s say. What now? You might follow the typical advice, given by many, which says: “Just forget it, snap out of it”. We both know this won’t work, which leads us to one of the following solutions.

9% of you chose as the best way to deal with a break up is to totally transform yourself. You know, there is a logic behind it I might add. It’s all in the possibility of something new; new clothes, new appearance, new body, new way of thinking. Some people are actually quite good at this. Just remember folks, we can’t really run away from our true selves. You know the saying… some things never change.

Following the same line, we have a transformation just not in total. We all have one friend who does it, for sure. 17% of you change your hair. I don’t know what it is about the hair, but just the fact that you can do anything with them is purely satisfying. Admit it. You’re doing it too for this reason, right? It’s like a sense of control. Your hair, your life, your control over things. I’m all in. Just don’t show up with yellow-colored hair and pink polka-dots; that’s all I’m saying. Fashion police anyone? Hello?

Okay, now we’re going to go deep. Sometimes, change in appearance isn’t enough. It just ain’t happening no matter what you do. You’re not fooling anybody, not even yourself. Which leads us to the third solution: changing of habits, with 30% of you choosing this as a way to handle things. Whether it was your choice or not, might not be relevant at this case. It is a break up, and right now you are alone. Some of us call it “me time”. It is the time to heal, to get our strength back, to understand and take responsibility for our part and mistakes in the story. And while doing that, why not change our habits as well. There are always things about ourselves we don’t like. We can either learn from them and change them for the better.

And now, the final solution. (drum roll) 44% of you, chose as the best way to find a new partner. You might okay with yourself. Or even better, you might feel confident, and perfectly secure with what you can provide in this whole process. Is this bad thing? Certainly no. There is a downside to this- the other person might fail to be okay with that.

You know, sometimes it’s not about you. Even if this is believed to be one of the dumbest excuses anyone can use to break up with you… still. Think about it. You are there, for the good and the bad, treating them nicely and with respect. But sometimes, this isn’t going to be enough. And sometimes, yes, this isn’t about you and how much you worth. It’s about preferences, and if the other person has the ability to see your own worth as a person. After all, we can’t be liked and loved by every person we’re going to meet in this life. And you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re not French fries or chocolate; but what am I talking about?
There even people on this planet that don’t even like those…

Author: Victoria A. Dimou

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