Once you find yourself in your mid-twenties, or so, you start wondering about your life goals and where you want to be by a certain age. There’s one question, though, that keeps haunting you; when is the right time to settle down? And what are the parameters you should evaluate before you make such a decision? Is it something you could just do or is it something that needs planning?

Settling down can be a life changing decision. It requires that you become selfless, in the sense that you no longer think just for yourself but for your partner too. So, any step you take must find your partner in agreement. The “I” is replaced by “we” and the time and space you have for yourself is split in half.

There is a time, though, that almost everyone gets that feeling that the big time has arrived and it might be the perfect time to make that next step.

In last week’s poll we asked you to answer when the best time to settle down is and the results have been found to be quite contradictory.

More than half our readers, and more specifically 62.5%, have indicated that the best time to settle down is when you have found that perfect someone. You meet someone, the time goes by and you realize that not only do the two of you get along just fine, you are also still into that person.

That’s when the thought of taking the relationship to the next level kicks in. You are probably thinking that if not now, then when? You’ve seen everything there was to see and based on that, you truly feel that the two of you belong together. Now you feel the need to find out more about your partner and you are ready to discover more aspects of their character and of their personality by settling down with them. You want to test the relationship in unknown waters and send it climbing new heights.

On the other side, a fair 31.25% of you say that you are not willing to settle down, simply because you are not willing to settle at all.

There are some people who are not willing to settle down at all, simply because they don’t want to depend on others or get their approval before doing something. They were born independent and they want to keep it that way. They are not willing to share their space and most of their time with another person, even if they love that person to death. Settling down means working within certain boundaries set by the couple and some people cannot handle that. They want to be free and work on their own time and pace. Having said that, it is also important to note that choosing not to settle down requires the same strength and courage as deciding to go the opposite direction.

Finally a 6.25% pointed out that the younger you decide to settle down, the better it is. It is a fact that the younger you are, the easier you adapt and bend your limits. You get to shape and sculpt your habits along with your partner. You kind of mature together and learn life’s lessons having each other by your side.

Any battle that comes your way, you learn to fight it together and your form opinions and rituals as you get along.

Age is just a number, anyway. Once you’ve set your mind to settling down, you are prepared for the responsibilities and burdens that go with it.

Overall, there is not a perfect time to do it. No mathematic formulas can decide the right age for you to do that. The right time comes whenever you feel ready and prepared for it, if ever.

Although most people choose to settle down at some point in their lives, we can’t blame those who prefer solitude and peace of mind. Everything depends on what each individual is after in life and such opinions can be altered in time and under different circumstances.

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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