We all have some really difficult days. Days when we ‘re busy as hell and there isn’t even enough time to take a single breath. Or days when everything seems to go so wrong that we want to scream from the top of our lungs for the bad luck to disappear at last. When we experience such days, we wish for them to go away and never come back.  To move on and let it all behind.

Well, me give you the picture. Imagine that you actually had one of those days. Nothing seemed to work for the past hours. But, that is finally over. So, you are heading home exhausted and edgy at the same time but determined to relax at last.

Our latest poll, here at Pillowfights, deals with that subject. No, we didn’t ask you about any embarrassingly bad moments of yours. This week, we wanted to know what you would prefer to do to relax after one of those difficult days. Well, since it is Monday afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, let me present the results.

Of course, as expected, there were different answers, but most of our readers agreed that they would try to make the best of the day left in order to wind down and let go. After all, can you think of something better than turning the situation around and doing something that you really enjoy before calling it a day?

More specifically, 39% of them believe that music can take their mind off the bad moments of the past day and all its setbacks. So, they would prefer to turn the music on and stop thinking about it. It is true that a little music can work its magic, makes your mind travel to more beautiful things and eventually calm you down.

For others, music might not do it. But still, they would stick at home and find other things to take all tension away. 23% of them think that there is nothing a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and the sole company of the telly cannot fix. So, they answered that they would try to put it all aside and relax all by themselves having a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and watching some TV.

There is a smaller percentage of our readers, though, that would prefer to let the bad moments behind and have some fun outside instead of staying home. Some company and lots of fresh air along with a couple of drinks can work miracles and change your bad mood. So, 8% of you answered that you would go out with friends, to drink and relax.

Then, there are people that think that a bad day won’t become better. Sure, an effective way to let the bad day behind you is to run to your bed for a good night’s sleep and give an end to it. This is probably the reason why 30% of you would prefer to call it a day and go to bed to let it all go away.

So, the conclusion is rather simple. Since bad days are a part of human lives we cannot avoid them. But, let’s think like that. If it wasn’t your day, just find the way that suits you best to relax and let it go. We gave you some ideas today. So, whatever way you choose to end a difficult day, you deserve to give yourself the chance to forget and move on to a next -hopefully better- day.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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