The temperature begins to rise. Days become longer, the nights, shorter, but strangely enough, lonelier. Clothes start becoming sparse and tan lines begin to appear. Is it the heat? Is it the lack of clothing? Is it that temptation seems to be everywhere? Is it that you can’t stand being alone in the summer? Whatever the case, if you’re single, you probably find yourself on the prowl for this year’s summer fling. And since pretty much everyone that’s single is looking for just about the same thing you find yourself amidst quite a few opportunities for some no-strings-attached kind of fun.

So you meet someone. The sparks are there (or is it heat stroke?) but there’s a tiny issue (yeah, like anything comes easy, right?) with this new romance you’re about to start out. You know it’s going to end. You’re an adult living in 2017. You know this; the definition of a summer fling is that it ends – at the end of summer. So do you jump in and take a swim, or do you sit on the edge of the water till September?

It doesn’t matter how you meet this person who gets your juices flowing (it could just be the alcohol, of course) or where. All that matters really is that your eyes meet and there is a silent contract signed then and there. You’ll mutually use each other to have fun, lots of sex, and spend lazy days at the sea together, and do what any couple would do; without the hassle of actually being a couple in a commited relationship. It’ll be one of those summer stories, the ones that end before the first autumn rains begin. You’ll spend your days like teenagers and your nights under the stars.

Ah, those summer nights, that summer lovin’!

This week at Pillowfights we asked our readers if, even knowing that your new fling just may have a very short expiration date, you’d still go through with it.

So what if it ends? The whole point of a fling is to avoid getting emotionally attached. Subtract the anxiety of being perfect, saying and doing all the right things (what’s the point anyway? It’s not like you’ll be together long.) and multiply the absolute high of living something as if it’s going to end – because you know it will. Don’t they say that the best sex you could ever have is break-up sex? Well imagine 2.5 months of constant break-up sex. You can be yourself from day one because you’re not unconsciously trying to keep this person for the long-haul. I could literally sell you all the amazing things that come with a mutual agreement for a summer fling, but judging by the 15% that voted they don’t care if it ends, I’ll save it for another article, at another time.

On the precise opposite side are those who would not even bother themselves with romance during the summer. What’s the point if it’s just going to end? 15% of our readers wouldn’t even start something if they know that it will end. A waste of precious time, one might argue, when you could be out there in search of that one person who will withstand the summer heat, into the winter. And then into the summer again, and for as long as you both shall live. It’s a nice fantasy –finding everlasting love in a bikini and sunglasses, holding a mojito at some beach bar– but as the saying goes, you have to break some eggs if you’re going to eat an omelet. If you don’t give it a shot, how will you know what it is anyway? Would you be satisfied to, some time down the line, wonder what would have happened had you given it a chance?

Uncertainty is a bitch. It can drive you nuts and make you do things that are extreme, things that you wouldn’t normally do. Uncertainty about when something you’re enjoying just might blow up in your face. The thing about all new relationships is that, whatever the case, you’re never sure precisely when it will end, who will blow the whistle, why or even how both of you might end up taking it. In this case, at least you can foresee the approximate time of it. Why exactly is that a bad thing? As long as both parties are clear on the fact that it will end. Or that’s what 15% of our readers believe. I guess that in their case they feel it’s enough to make it clear that this whole thing is just fun –for the duration of vacation. (See what I did there?)

Then again, who knows, right? I’m sure we all have a friend who knows a story about their ex’s second cousin’s aunt from the other side of the family who had a co-worker whose best friend’s brother had a summer fling that turned into “always and forever”. It’s happened. Or so I’ve been told. All joking aside though, you really do never know. You could start something out, with clean cut limits, and then all of a sudden have it turn into mutual love. So why not start your summer romance and just let it roll. It might just turn into something more, why miss out on the opportunity to find out if it could? Or so our majority of 55% hopes.

Summer is here. (Except on Sundays; then Winter is here.) Go out, have fun, live that summer fling to the fullest. Use the high temperatures and high libido to your advantage. Because there really are no signed contracts when it comes to any kind of relationship; be that one that starts out with a theoretical expiration date or one that starts out with the best of promise. Cliché as it may sound, if it’s meant to withstand, it will. Or it won’t. If not, it’ll just end as any other relationship does. At least with this one, you’ve been fairly warned.

Author: Nikól Peri

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