You meet someone new and you instantly click. You start dating immediately and anyone can tell that the two of you look perfect together. The first dates are exciting, the first kisses really promising and soon you find yourself being impatient to rush into bed with them for a night of hot, steaming sex. But, unlike what happens in movies and despite the fact that you are decided to do your best, your first sexual encounter with them turns out to be purely disappointing. Since this is not a rare situation but still it can become a complete deal-breaker, in our latest poll we wanted to know what your reaction would be in the unlikely situation of bad first-time sex with your new sweetheart.

So, here are the results.

40.7% of our readers answered that they would probably give it a second chance. After all, it is quite usual and normal for things not to work like a charm from the first attempt. This is especially true for sex, since it is very difficult for someone to know exactly what turns their new partner on -and off- in bed and what buttons to press from their very first intercourse. So, they believe that a second attempt can turn out to be much better.

28.8% of the respondents would go further by giving even more chances to their partner to amaze them, thus waiting for their obvious chemistry to finally work its magic in bed too. It is generally accepted that practice makes perfect anyway and who says that this can’t also be the case for sex when everything else is so good between a new couple and they are really into each other? So, this part of the respondents voted that they would stick with their new partners waiting and hoping for hotter days and nights with them to come.

On the other hand, since sex is something that can click instantly, there were readers that voted they wouldn’t be so keen on giving second chances to something that didn’t work when it should really have, that is on the first time that whatever you have fantasized doing with their new partner is finally happening. More specifically, 12.7 % of our readers would run without a second thought towards their next fling, leaving this bad experience behind. They think that if the chemistry wasn’t there from the beginning, it is more that possible that it will never be.

Finally, 17. 8% of the people that answered this week’s steamy poll, believe that there is not a chance of bad sex with them. They believe that sex with them is always good, so they are not worried that something like that can ever happen to them.

Whatever your spontaneous answer to this poll would be, as for me there cannot be a specific reaction to something like this. I guess that it depends on how much into your new crush you are or how bad the sex sucked and a million other factors. But, in most of the cases if you follow your instincts you will choose the right thing to do.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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