‘Tis the night after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse… because whether it’s a food hangover or an eggnog hangover, we’re only now slowly pulling ourselves out of chairs and off couches to digest and sober up for next weekend’s festivities. Because one week after Christmas, you guessed it, we’ve got New Year’s!


The sun is setting on another year and as 2016 is coming to an end, we here at Pillowfights decided to ask our readers, after they give this cursed year a swift kick in the ass, what they plan for the new year that is on our doorstep knocking. You know, New Year’s resolutions and whatnot.

Speaking of resolutions, let me begin with the 33% of our readers who, come this final week of the year, take a retrospective look back and an optimistic look forward. They make plans for the year to come, thinking about the mistakes they made and vowing they will not make them again. They set goals and boundaries for themselves. Goals which they rarely meet by the same time the next year and boundaries which, throughout the years they bend and, more than likely, break. This 33% has decided that, for this new year, they are going to stop making those dumb-ass resolutions that in the end they know they’re going to ignore when push comes to shove.

A mere 1.5% of our readers say that with the new year their primary goal is to take the next step in their relationships. What the hell, I won’t be completely negative, and I’ll assume that this percentage is so small due to the fact that times are difficult and taking the next step, to move in with their partners, get married, or have kids, is quite a difficult one. Financials, marital commitment and rug-rats aren’t laughing matters, after all. If I were going to be honest, and because this is Pillowfights –and because we know relationships like you’ve never before read them– I’d have to say that the 1.5% might actually mean the lack of a relationship meaningful enough to want to take the next step. But that’s another topic for another day.

At 1.5% as well, were the readers that voted that they will concentrate more on their career and working than anything else. I venture to assume that this 1.5% are the more pragmatic types, the ones that put their job and professional evolution above all else. On the one hand, it’s quite encouraging on the relationship front. On the other, this might just be the percentage of readers that are “set” as far as their personal life is concerned. And that’s just sad.

And what’s our weekly poll without our beloved dreamers? A good 16% of our readers say that this new year, they aim to find love. Best of luck with that, from the bottom of my heart! I really hope you find it and, more importantly, manage to keep it. Maybe next year you’ll be voting to take the next step. Love, though, is a sneaky bitch who’s excellent at playing hide and seek. And it’s not really in our hands to find it. So, whether you do end up finding love, or if love happens to find you this year, grab it by the hair, appreciate it and don’t let go. Because without love, what are we, right?

Last, but definitely not least, as always, I have left our majority. 35% of the readers of Pillowfights voted that they intend to spend the upcoming year with a new hobby or traveling the world. I guess wanderlust really is trending! All kidding aside though, there’s no better way to trick love into thinking that you’re not looking for it than looking the other way. And the best way to do that is to broaden your horizons, literally and metaphorically. So, go, take up something new, get on that plane, train or bus, see new people, new cultures, have new experiences and gain a new perspective.

Whatever your plans are for the new year, my sincere wish for each and every one of you is to, first off, determine what it is you really want out of life, and then go out and get it. But above all, because we tend not to give it the proper significance, be happy.

Yup, that’s it.
May the dawn of 2017 find us all happy.

Author: Nikól Peri

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