Oh, it’s finally Spring. Nature is blooming, and the weather is, once again, the most unstable it has been all year. Almost like every season is gathered in one. Even so, I think that it’s no coincidence that we call Spring the most beautiful time of the year. And hey, don’t forget the best part of it; Spring Break!

Oh, what a beautiful time to unwind and get yourself together from the pressure and weariness the cold and rough winter has put on you. You get to let loose and party ’till you drop, and can’t stand another hangover, or you can simply choose to chill out and catch up on your wrecked sleep programme. But all that matters is how you choose to spend the coolest time of the the year.

So this week at Pillowfights, we asked and you answered; What do you on Spring Break?

The luckiest 10% of our readers get to vacation and party until dawn. I have to admit, we are all secretly extremely jealous of you. Come on, you get to go to a nice place and soak up the sun with a cocktail by your side? I imagine, sucks to be you.

Of course, that’s just my personal opinion. It’s been a while since I went at a party I guess.

Moving on to what our most readers went for, an overwhelming 80% in aggregate, and two 40%s individually, is a more calm, but still really fun and much-needed vacation. And for the first 40% that would mean simply sleeping and recharging your batteries, and of course, get the much needed relaxation you’ve been striving for all winter. What concerns the other 40%, many of you decided to be much more productive during your vacation, and catch up on work or studying, but still get some coffee with friends once in a while.

Everything in moderation, right? And I have to admit, I am so jealous of you that you get to relax and finally do some work in your own pace, even for two weeks.

Last but not least, for the final 20%, we have our workaholics. I know know, it is more than despicable to work during vacation time, but you know, life’s unfair and I can completely feel your pain. So all I can ask you, as a columnist and nothing further, is to be patient. This too shall pass. And hey, Summer doesn’t seem that far after all.

But still, no matter what you do, who you’re with, or where you go, you can make every Spring Break extremely fun if you decide to do so. So even if you’re out there dancing your heart out and vacationing like crazy, sleeping with no snooze button to hit, hang out with friends, or still have to work, try to make the best of it and make memories either way.

But I’ll stop writing now, and let you do the final countdown for the break by yourselves.

Happy Spring Break!

Author: Ioanna Vargianiti

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