So, your best friend has just found a new beau. She’s literally over the moon, constantly going out on awesome dates and, of course, gushing about her new love interest to no one other than you. The time for you to meet him finally comes, and from what she’s told you, you are almost certain that you’ll adore him.

You go to the place where you three have arranged a meeting and patiently wait for the lovebirds to come. They arrive and she’s glowing while he holds her hand. He shakes your hand and you start a mostly awkward conversation. Ten minutes in, you realise you can’t stand him. Holy shit. You know you’re not supposed to feel this way. He’s your best friend’s boyfriend, you need to like him after all. But oh my god, you just don’t like this guy. Maybe it’s his views in certain things, or just his whole attitude in general. Thing is, your bff is in love and you’ll have to spend more time with him no matter your feelings. But still, something just doesn’t stick. So, what do you do when things turn out badly in such a situation?

For this week’s poll, we asked you the question; What do you do when you can’t stand your best friend’s guy?

Many of you , a 15% actually, chose to keep your mouth shut. I don’t blame you, that’s exactly what I would do. I wouldn’t dare to see those puppy eyes of her get all disappointed. Is it all that much to handle, after all? You’ll just keep it to yourself and try to be happy for her, I guess. And hey, at the end of the day, he’s not your boyfriend , right?

A striking 54% of you will do the exact opposite, however. If you don’t like this guy, you’ll grab your bestie by the hand and just tell her. She asked for your opinion, after all. And you owe your honesty to her. You care about her, and you’d never want her to end up with a jerk by her side. So it’s better to just give her an honest opinion and your thoughts on him, but please, do it as gracefully as you can, otherwise, I can guarantee you that she’ll get really, really upset. It’s her choice in the end, no matter what. And I’m sure that she really wanted you to like this guy, but hey, maybe your point of view does her some good in the end.

Which leads us to next 26% of our readers, who will have some reservations when it comes to expressing their opinion on the new guy. This way, you won’t get her upset and cause a fight to breakout between the two of you, but you’ll still warn her to keep an eye on him. You need to have her back, after all, but holy shit, it’s one of the most sensitive subjects to touch.

Lastly a small 5% of you guys said that they’d probably grab the guy while your bestie is in the bathroom or something, and let him know that you have your eye on him. I get your concern darlings, but that’s a huge no-no. Just imagine what would happen if he told her. I can make sure that it’s not going to be pretty. So maybe it’s better to let your friend know, or just keep it to yourself and not say anything, at least for now. You wouldn’t want to heat things up and cause drama out of nowhere.

At the end of the day, it’s important to know that the last call is on her and that you’ll have to respect her decision anyhow. And if he makes her happy and treats her right, that’s all that matters in the end of the day, no matter how much he might get on your nerves. There must be a reason why your bestie chose him out of all guys.
And hey, how about giving him a second chance? He might be kind of fun, after all.
But even if he’s not, you’ll have to bear him for as long as they’re together.
So please, try to make the best out of it and avoid drama for as long as possible.
Remember, your best friend will always be by your side, no matter the guy she’s with.

Author: Ioanna Vargianiti

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