Has it ever happened to you? You are walking on the street when you see that certain someone who could definitely spoil your, so far, perfect day. It might be because the two of you got into a fight and neither of you ever got over it or it could be that you just don’t like their attitude and the vibes they send you.

No matter what the reason, it is a fact that you don’t really like this person and you definitely don’t want them in your life. So, the question is how you choose to treat that specific person. Are you all happy jumpy around them pretending that there is nothing wrong or do you treat them like you are a lion and they are your prey?

That is exactly what we asked you this week. What is your attitude towards someone you don’t like? The results show a tie and indicate that most of you don’t want to take a situation like that to either edge; in the sense that you neither treat them perfectly nice, nor do you try to show them that you dislike them any chance you get.

None of you would choose to show your dislike anyway you could; that would make you simply and plainly mean. Plus, there is no reason in doing so, I guess; the person probably already knows and they don’t need you to point it out or to remind them.

Quite expected as that might be, not a single person has stated that they dislike no one. Well, no matter how kind and gentle you are and no matter how much you appreciate life and its magnificence, there will come a time when you will find someone you don’t really like; be it for a week or for a month. So, you need a plan as to how you will behave around the person you don’t like.

Half of you said that you would keep your distance and generally avoid people you dislike. I can’t blame you, though. When you don’t like someone you want them around as little as possible. It’s not like you would pick up the phone and invite them over for a coffee or ask them to go out with you on a Saturday night. The most logical thing to do is avoid them as much as humanly possible.

However, that is not always feasible. Perhaps that’s what the other 50% of you had in mind when you stated that you would be polite and formal whenever you met a person you don’t like. In case you find yourself in the same room, you need a strategy to face them. So, you choose to be your kind self around them, but formal enough to pass the point that you don’t really enjoy their company. You will probably smile and make some small talk before you make your way to a better company.

It is quite evident from the results that all of you would choose safe solutions that will not humiliate you or the person you dislike. A more human approach is preferable, so as to keep the balance between fire and ice. You don’t mess with them on purpose to get burnt or come off as ice cold, but you rather keep them at a safe distance.

Besides, if you don’t like someone, they will feel in in their guts; just like you felt it a thousand times before when people kept their distance and wore fake smiles around you. It’s no science, really, and it doesn’t matter how you choose to treat the person. They will know even if you give them tight hugs every time you see them. It’s a lot like love. If it’s there, you feel it in the air; if not, well…

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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