The air outside is bitingly cold. You can’t go anywhere without a coat. When you look out the window, you aren’t greeted by the bright oranges, reds, and yellows of the changing trees. Instead, you see the stickly branches abandoned by the falling leaves.

The holidays are over, and life is getting back to normal. No more family get-togethers or holiday parties. You now have time to do what you want. Now that winter is here and it’s cold outside, how do you take advantage of this change when it comes to your dating life?

And that’s where our question for this week’s poll comes in: It’s cold outside, so what’s the perfect place for a cozy winter date?

We had some pretty close calls, but one thing quickly became apparent – your dating plans do change based on the weather – as none of you said your dates stay the same regardless of the season.

Out of our other choices, the least likely winter date among readers is a skiing trip. 8% of you picked this for your perfect cold weather date. Sure, it may combine fun and romance, but it seems most people aren’t looking for quite that much adventure. Not to mention that depending on where you live, skiing may not be that feasible. If you live somewhere a bit warmer or flat, going skiing might take a lot of time and money to travel somewhere that you can enjoy this activity. Sure it may be fun and romantic sitting next to each other when you’re going up the ski lift, but the stress of affording the trip may negate the joyousness of the date.

Pulling in 23% of the votes, we had a bar date. We’ve all seen the movies where you escape the cold with your partner into the warmth of a friendly, welcoming bar. You strip off your layers of coats and cozy up with each other in a booth. You take a few sips of alcohol and forget you were every cold to begin with. Getting out of the biting cold is a nice change, and it’s always fun hanging out in a bar drinking and chatting, but eventually, you have to leave the bar, when you’ll again be faced with the chilly temperatures you went inside to escape.

And let’s be honest, it can be pretty shitty to head back outside once you get cozy and warm, so it makes sense that 31% of you would rather just stay indoors and cuddle up by the fire. Think about it. You have a couch, each other, a fire, the TV, and all of your things. If you’re smart, you’ll just have your partner come over to your place. Then you don’t even have to venture outside at all. Sure it might not seem like the most exciting date, but you’ll be warm and happy.

But why not step it up a notch? It’s only winter for a few months, so shouldn’t you enjoy it as much as possible? According to our winning poll choice, this seems to be your all’s line of reasoning because 38% said their favorite winter date would be a weekend cabin getaway. Sure you have to go out in the cold a bit, but once you unpack in the cabin, you can enjoy the warmth for the whole weekend. Even if you don’t venture outside, you’ll feel like you’re on an adventure because you’ll be surrounded by the exciting unknown of the cabin.

That said, you’ll still be able to cozy up and have a relaxing winter, so really it’s the best of both worlds.

Author: Dani Howell

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