Isn’t it funny how the human heart works? How one wrong beat can cause complete turmoil to the entire body? How too many beats can make us feel a certain situation to the extreme? We are controlled by our hearts, that’s no revelation, and that’s probably why we’ve associated love with the heart.
Again this is no revelation.

We are cursed or blessed, depending on which way you see it, to be governed by our heart’s desires – these loves. It’s what makes the world go around; that may be a revelation to some. Sometimes it’s the love for another person, other times the love for money, the love of power, or even the love of destruction. It all comes down to what makes your heart tick.

But why is it that an organ so passionate is so often tricked? Or if we reverse it, how is it that an organ is so powerful allows us fall for the same gimmicks again and again?

We all have that friend who we can literally count the times that he or she (for the purpose of not typing he/she many times, we’ll call her Tony) told us that she’s found her soulmate, her one and only, her true love, her destiny.

A part of us is actually curious as to how is it possible for, 6 months ago, her destiny to go by the name of Sam and now be named Jamie. The other part, usually the cynical one, wants to hug Tony and tell her ‘Oh honey, Jamie is your destiny – right now’.

When we compare ourselves to Tony we are sure that we have everything figured out, because we know that we haven’t found our soulmate, or our destiny, yet and we wait patiently day after day until it knocks on our door and swoons us away. So these thoughts alone, obviously, make us a lot more superior to understanding feelings than Tony.

Tony is that friend that never grows tired of falling in love. Even though you’ve seen her at her very worst after her break-up with Sam, some time after, she was ready to do the whole thing again with Jamie. As if her heart was completely healed and didn’t have a trace of what had happened. For as long as you’ve known her, Tony has been the kind of person that is governed by love, and because of that, every new love that comes along always has a way of making her feel that this one is her destiny.

You watch her and wonder, how many destinies can a person have?

You know you don’t want to admit it, but there’s a part of you that has always been jealous of the way Tony’s heart worked. How her love of feeling in love gave her so much strength that the bruises it took didn’t take half as long to heal as yours did.
Maybe that’s where we got things wrong.

Maybe the revelation is that we can have as many destinies as we want.

General knowledge argues that “when you find ‘the one’, you know”. But when you look at Tony, she has said that she has found ‘the one’ more than a handful of times. So is she that special to be given a higher allowance of ONES than the rest of us?

That mustn’t be it. The heart moves all things, right? The heart is where love lives, right? Love is what makes everything move, yes? So if we actually think about it, maybe it’s Tony that should be undermining us for the lack of confidence we’ve shown in our hearts and this power in love.

Tony could actually teach us something about the way we look at love and relationships if we actually let her. The possibility of ‘you are my destiny…right now’ is not actually as bad as it sounds, just an opportunity to actually take advantage of that love that has found its way to us and cherish it without paying so much attention to the scars of the past.

Or maybe Tony just needs to keeps her legs crossed.

Author: S. L. Robb

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