A great love like Romeo and Juliet’s or Rose and Jack’s on the Titanic is hard to find. That feeling of connection and completion with your other half; usually comes once in a lifetime, maybe twice if you’re lucky. So once you find it don’t let it go.

But that’s not my point.

Until the day comes when you do find them, you will be a part of many relationships over the years (hopefully not too many), looking for that special someone. And if you’re lucky, you will be able to classify at least one or two of those relationships as a ‘great love’.

But honey, not all your relationships can be great loves. You don’t really fall in love with everyone you get into a relationship with. Yes, you may get butterflies in your tummy when you first meet and start getting to know each other, and you may love them by the end of it, but it won’t be true love. The heart is not programmed to be able to really love everyone you meet. It’s no good falling head over heels for every guy you meet. Or at least thinking you have…

And honestly, not every relationship you have should lead to being a ‘great love’. You need to experience those relationships that fall apart faster than they began; the ones that end so abruptly, you don’t even realize he is gone and the ones in which you have feelings for the other person but you don’t love them. You need to live through the moment you realize that you are in a relationship with someone that you don’t actually see yourself spending the rest of your life with. That way you can learn to recognize the right relationship, the one you should be in, when it comes along. The one you should work for.

Not long ago you were in a long term relationship. You went through so much together. Spent years together. You loved him; really loved him. And he loved you. But as you got older, you grew apart. When it ended you were devastated, but that’s what happens; not all relationships are meant to last forever. Most are meant to end so that we can learn the lessons we are supposed to learn in life to prepare us for the real thing.

After that, you never gave yourself time. Time to be alone, to heal, to move on. Time to find yourself again without him. A big part of your life was gone and you felt a big empty space inside. So you fell straight into the next relationship. Trying to find yourself with a new guy and get over your ex at the same time. And you saw how ‘well’ that ended! Endless days of fighting, screaming, tears and pain.

As you grow older your desires, views and ideals change and if you don’t allow yourself time you won’t realize that. You’ll end up always looking for the same guy; the one that made you happy before, hoping, believing that he can make you happy once again; even though he is in a new packaging.

Now that you are in a new relationship, just because you hope it to be, it doesn’t mean it will be ‘true love’. He might be, but then again he might not. He is not going to be your ‘one and only’ just because you want him to be. He has to want it as well. Just like you, he is looking for his one and only. In the beginning everything is possible. He may seem like he could be your greatest love but only time will tell.

Trust me honey, when you meet the right one you will know, straight away, deep down in your heart that he is the one. He will be your greatest love of all. You’ll feel it! He will sweep you of your feet, just like in the movies. He will turn your life into the fairy tale you dreamt of growing up. The life you always wanted. One day, maybe a few years down the line or even tomorrow, you never know, the guy for you will look at you the way no one else ever has.

Author: Demie Charlotte Chioni

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