He is gone and right now all you feel is this big hole in your heart. It will be there for some time. The space you held for him in your heart is empty, making you feel hollow inside. You’ll cry for a while; it’s a natural reaction when you lose someone. It helps you cope. You’ll fall into a temporary state of depression, not wanting to do anything; or even feel like you want to get out of bed some days.

But don’t worry, it will be ok. We’re only human after all and we have so many feelings and emotions that are hard to deal with sometimes. You will be confused, you will feel alone; the pain will consume you for a bit. But you will be ok…

Getting over someone you love is a very emotional road. It’s hard and painful. For a while you will feel angry, betrayed and alone. But it will get easier. You will get through it. The space between you will make it better and in time you will heal. And once you have started to heal, you’ll need your friends –and we’ll all be there for you, waiting for the day that you will be brave enough to ‘come out of hiding’. A shoulder to cry on or a girl’s night out; whatever you need.

Any magazine or online post you read about getting over your ex will tell you that if you take the time you were together and divide it by two then by that time you will be ok. But everyone is different. And every relationship is different.

So, you take as much time as you need.

And as time goes by, you will get used to him no longer being in your life, no longer being there, and you will move on. Once you accept that it’s really over, you will find yourself again. You will start living for yourself again, enjoying the little things that make you, and only you, happy. That is the day that you will be ready to open your heart to someone new and love again.

Whether you know it or not.

In all honesty though, I do believe that love just happens when it’s supposed to.

Whether you are ready for it or not.

And that’s why you shouldn’t close your heart off even if you don’t feel like you can handle all the emotions again. But then again, I guess no one really lets themselves fall in love again before some time has passed and they believe they feel they can open themselves up to it again; to open themselves up to the possibility of another heart-breaking ending. But honey, don’t sit around waiting for a sign to tell you that you’re ready to love again. The heart is a complicated muscle, and when it’s ready to allow you to expose it to a brand new heartache it will tell you.

And one day you will find yourself in love again. You’ll wake up and realize that you have been slowly falling for your new boyfriend since the day you met him. Forgetting all about the pain your ex caused you and moving on with someone new in your life. You’ll feel happy, scared, and excited all at the same time. Experiencing this new love will bring new joy to your life. And not knowing the ending of this story will be the most exciting part as there are endless possibilities.

But trust me, when the time comes, you will know in your heart that you don’t want to walk alone anymore. That you are ready to meet someone new, maybe even your one true love!

Because if you don’t put yourself out there sooner or later you won’t find the one that’s right for you, you won’t get your happy ending.

Author: Demie Charlotte Chioni

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