Have you ever had that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you just know that the other half of your heart, the other half of your soul, the other half of you, is out there somewhere? No, I’m not talking about a guy… I’m talking about a sister; in this case, a twin sister. Whether you’re the oldest or the youngest, the moments shared with one another are special; moments you will cherish forever. It’s true, there is a special bond between twins…

No matter how far apart we are, she is constantly in my thoughts. Not a day goes by without us talking, even when we are miles apart. To my sister, I can confide my darkest of secrets, craziest thoughts, and wildest dreams. And she will understand them; she helps me rationalize my darkest thoughts and set them free, she helps me make my dreams come true. She makes me feel better even when I don’t believe I can. She believes in me when I feel lost. She is there for me whenever I need her. If I need to talk or even just sit on the roof at 2 am looking up at the stars in silence…

She will text me just as I am about to press send; that’s just spooky when that happens. Sometimes we have the same thoughts and can’t keep them to ourselves. When we are out together we can be obnoxious to others as we are usually in our own little world.

Sometimes we love and hate the same things the other does, but sometimes we don’t. And it’s definitely funny when our mum can’t tell who she is talking to on the phone. High school was quite entertaining when we used to play the classic trick on our teachers; they dreaded April Fool’s Day. But that prank gets old. Now, we spend hours and hours on Skype talking and sometimes we don’t even talk; we just need to be there, in each other’s company.

They say that twins have this ‘psychic’ ability to know what one another is thinking and feeling. Well, most of the time that is just hocus pocus; we can’t read minds. But we can tell when something is wrong without even saying anything. Or when something good has happened. I know when she is hurting and I know when she is laughing. I get this feeling deep down inside. I feel her pain as if it were my own; I feel her happiness as if I were there, smiling with her… (Is that just a twin thing?)

To the world we are the same; but really we are tremendously similar yet extremely different, often at the same time. But life as a twin is complicated sometimes. Always being compared to one another. People looking for our similarities and differences. They seem to think that twins are a real-life ‘Spot the differences’ game.

Well sometimes, that tends to take its toll on us. It’s hard when there is always a measuring tape right next to you. Which one is better at one thing or another, which one is stronger, faster, smarter, prettier, thinner? On a bad day, which we all get once in a while, I do feel insecure about myself but I don’t blame my sister for that; I blame the society’s perception of twins that pushes us towards these thoughts. Just because we look alike doesn’t mean we are the same.

Yes, we have our similarities and our differences but you don’t need to point them out. We each are our own person with our own characteristics, interests and opinions. We can get into a fight just like other sisters do, screaming and shouting; feeling the space between us when we do but we can’t stay mad at each other for long. We may sometimes get excited over the same things, have the same taste in music or even fancy the same guy (very very unlikely), but that brings us closer together, it doesn’t make us the same…

Just because sometimes I feel that way that doesn’t mean I hate being a twin or even remotely hate my sister. I’ll be honest with you; my twin sister is the best birthday present I ever got! And I wouldn’t change her for the wold. She’s my sister and my best friend.

Author: Demie Charlotte Chioni

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