Yes, I have tattoos. And I love all of them!

I have been asked several times; why did you get tattoos? What made you decide what you wanted? Do they hurt? Well, the answers to those questions are complicated. I got them because I wanted to; I wanted to express myself in that way. I made the decision separately for each and every one of them, putting a lot of thought and contemplation into it before actually permanently marking my body. For me, some were painful and others weren’t. It really depends on the person’s pain threshold and the part of the body that they are tattooing.

But it’s not always physical pain; it can be emotional pain too.

My opinion is that tattoos can tell you way more about a person than they would ever say. They are a window into their mind, their soul; telling the world a story that can’t be captured in words.

But society sometimes condemns those who decide to express themselves through their tattoos. Although we are living in the twenty-first century there still seem to be negative stigmas associated with tattoos. They have created a gap between generations and put up this wall between them; stopping them from realizing the value they have to one another. But they are becoming more and more acceptable by society.

So, getting a tattoo is a big decision. Believe me; it’s permanent. I mean you can have it removed but it never really goes away. There is always a small scar left, physical and emotional. There is always the memory of it.

Tattoos should be meaningful, not an irrational decision one makes while on a drunken night out in Kavos or Ibiza while you are on holiday. That can end in regret. There should be a reason behind getting one. Whether it’s to honor a loved one or a memory you wish to cherish forever, carrying it proudly on your body.

My tattoos are my way of expressing myself; my way of telling my story to the world. They are a part of me. There is the meaning behind all of them and they each remind me of different times in my life, different memories. I can glance at them whenever I want and remember why I decided to get them. Remember the reasons behind them, the story; just like photographs bring back memories when you look through old photo albums. You may not understand that meaning, the reasons but that doesn’t matter. I am proud of them.

And when I tell the story behind each tattoo, I take an emotional journey down memory lane, sharing that moment with another. If my tattoos were drawn on a canvas instead of my body they would be called art; so, why can’t tattoos be that too?

Where most people go small for their first tattoo, I went big! I had made my decision. I wanted it. So off I went to the tattoo studio for my first sitting. I was nervous, excited, scared, and very hyper all at the same time. You get this exhilarating thrill as you step through the door. The whole experience is very emotional. Once my new tattoo was complete, I felt so happy and excited and couldn’t wait to show it off to the world. To tell my story.

And in all honesty, I did set off with the intension of getting just the one. But once you start, it’s hard to stop. You find that expressing yourself through your tattoos becomes a way of communicating with others, sharing parts of your life that otherwise may never come up. So over the years, I added more pieces of the puzzle; coloring in the important bits.

But I’m telling you now. Just because you want a tattoo, doesn’t mean you should get it there and then. Think about it, sleep on it, and if tomorrow you still want it, then go for it. You may regret it when you are old but you may not. If you make the right decision though, you won’t regret it.

Like I said; tattoos are art and your body the canvas. Why leave it blank?

Author: Demie Charlotte Chioni

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