How can I be a pillowfighter?

If you want to be a pillowfighter, you only need to send us an opinion piece of 600-700 words as your writing sample at Keep in mind that we prefer opinion pieces rather than memoir extracts in first person or fiction writing samples. Is your style distinctive, realistic, raw, direct, satirical and sharp? You might as well be our next columnist. Do your best to impress us!

How can I send my own story to be featured on Your Stories?

If you want to share a personal experience with our readers on the featured column Your Stories, go ahead and send it on We don’t publish verse and we avoid overly poetic or surreal prose. Your story has more chances to be published if it’s well-written and well-punctuated.

How can I send my story, so you can write it and publish it on Pillowfights?

f you want to read your story on Your Stories Reloaded, narrated by a pillowfighter, you will have to use the relevant contact form and select the pillowfighter of your choice, who will serve as your narrator. Try your message to be as detailed as it gets and keep in mind that we prefer the most original and well documented stories over emotional rants. Just give us the facts and give us a reason to believe that you can be the next Your Stories Reloaded hero or heroine.

I need help with my personal drama. How can Madame Hortense help me?

If you want Madame Hortense to give you love advice for your personal drama, you’ll have to send an e-mail message Keep in mind that Hortense is a busy and short-tempered lady and gets several messages and requests every day. You’ll have to help her out by making sure your message is well-written and well-punctuated in proper English.