Why do most people claim that strong, independent women are considered a threat to men, in general? And why has this become such a strong stereotype that it started preying on our lives –men and women’s lives– and it is an issue worth writing articles about?

Weak men are afraid of strong women, in the same way that weak men are afraid of strong men and weak people are afraid of strong people.

There are so many types of people in the world and so many attitudes towards life. These people compete against one another and often clash with one another.

Among them are some who call themselves “nice guys” and who accuse successful, independent women that they keep dating jerks instead of them because -and this has become a slogan- women don’t like nice guys. But behind the kind and gentle veneer of “nice guys” lies lack of energy. Not sexual energy; I don’t maintain that these people are not sexually aggressive. I’m only saying that they have no personal power, that they constantly seek approval and they sacrifice personal assertiveness in an effort to be agreeable and pleasant, all in an effort to fit in. These nice people do not feel comfortable in the company of women with powerful personalities. And assertive women, in turn do not find them attractive enough to go out with.

Bur there are other types of men in the world, and the majority of them admire, respect and desire self-confident, assertive and eager to succeed women.

And I am one of them. And I am a nice guy, as well.

However, I have my opinions, and I can stand up for them, and I know how to take control when it is necessary. The crucial question should perhaps be whether women like men who can take control when the right occasion arises or whether they prefer men who do not rise to the occasion.

And don’t tell me the kind of women who are afraid of strong, successful men is a non-existent species. The bottom line is that powerful personalities and a will to succeed inspire awe and fear and are quite often misunderstood regardless of sex.

Now, let’s go back to the issue at hand and let me examine another aspect of it.  Who are considered strong, independent and successful women, the ones that men are supposed to be intimidated by?

All coins have two sides, you know. And women sometimes confuse certain things. They call themselves bright and they mean opinionated. They want to be funny, but they turn out sarcastic. They are charismatic, but they cross the line and become self-centered. Of course all people’s good qualities come with some bad qualities, and mine are the same. Nevertheless, I don’t want to go out with a talented, smart and successful girl who constantly criticizes me because she is a victim to her own superiority complex. Nor do I want to date one who confuses being direct with being tactless.

Men want to go out with bright, successful women and they value their intelligence, but they don’t care whether they will make partner at the law firms they work for. And women do not have to prove their quality every step of the way. I want, from my girlfriend, what I cannot find in my colleague or my business partner.

And that is warmth, affection and thoughtfulness. Someone who can stimulate my mind and my body and at the same time make my life pleasant.

Does that mean that I am afraid of her?

Author: Konstantinos Vovos

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