Has it ever occurred to you how ordinary your life is? Do you ever watch a movie with a lot of action, where people do the craziest and most dangerous things –or even a silly romantic love story with a predictable end– and think “How come nothing even close to that ever happens to me?!”?

No, I am not delusional. I know that movies are not meant to be representations of real events, because their purpose is exactly to dazzle you and give you a break from the dullness of everyday life – but still. Isn’t it unfair that nothing remotely as exciting happens to everyday people like you and me?

Truth be told, when it comes to this matter, there are quite a few parameters to take into consideration. People all over the world are experiencing a time of transition in every aspect of their lives. From jobs to relationships, everything is fluid and susceptible to change more than ever before in human history.

That fact leads many people to be trapped in a reality they never asked for; graduating from school only to find themselves studying something they’re not particularly fond of – choosing future possible professional success over childhood dreams, ideas and life goals. Financial stability becomes priority number one, leading to a life which spins around sources of money. Daily life turns into a routine, which looks like WORK-PAY FOR STUFF-SLEEP-REPEAT. Sounds like quite a miserable approach to a life otherwise full of possibilities, don’t you think?

Somewhere between those standard everyday activities, sometimes you get the chance to think of all the things you’re probably missing out on. Some are simple, such as that family dinner you didn’t attend last week because you had to work late. Or that old friend’s birthday party you chose not to go to, coming up with a stupid excuse, because you’ve gotten to the point where you think a birthday is no reason to celebrate after 30. Or that date night which went horribly because you chose small-talk at the usual restaurant over a spontaneous walk on the beach.

On the other hand, some might be a little more complicated, like that utopian vacation in Bali you’ve been dreaming of planning since you got this bloody job, but never got the guts to book tickets and a hotel for.

You realize that this list could go on forever…

And that’s when it occurs to you: the way you lead your life up to now will prevent the things you’ve been longing for from happening! You realize that life is passing you by and you’re not exactly “seizing the day” as you were hoping you would a few years ago.

As shocking as that might sound in your head, and as much as you’re terrified that you might not have the chance to do the things you wish, you know there are innumerable people out there who simply accept this situation. At the moment you cannot begin to understand how people give up on their dreams and surrender like that. But in the end you realize it’s not so complicated. In time, they probably started to think that all their life they’ve been shooting for the stars. Therefore, they did the “adult thing”: forgot, compromised, and finally, moved on.

The real question is: do you have the courage to not be one of these people? Are you capable of letting go of your current secure way of living, risk everything you have, and be your own boss in every aspect of your life? Because as bitter as it may be, you know this for sure: if you want your life to change, you must change the circumstances of it.

Let that sink in.

Author: Konstantinos Vovos

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