We are used to hearing about failed relationships due to timing but lately there’s another trend running. It’s run by the rest of the population that doesn’t believe in timing. This group of people state that timing has nothing to do with the failure but instead it’s us that, as individuals in the relationship cause the break up. They allege that we probably weren’t ready for this relationship or that we didn’t fit each other. Usually they say that because they were never in such a position and thus they cannot be objective.

You can’t judge another’s relationship because you weren’t there, you weren’t in it. Well, I can assure you that bad timing is a real thing and if you are unlucky, it’s almost impossible to overcome it. In the last season of “How I Met Your Mother”, Robin shared a sagely perspective with Ted during a friend’s wedding. Besides having chemistry you only need one other thing – timing But timing’s a bitch. She therefore suggested any relationship requires two essential ingredients: “chemistry” (meaning, how compatible people are with each other), and “timing” (basically, whether people meet each other at the right place during the right time).

But what is considered bad timing after all? Is it when you are just not in the mood to commit to another human being? This has nothing to do with it; this stems from the inside. But is it considered bad timing when you meet the other person 2 months before you leave for another country to study at university? For me that’s the definition of it.

It is usually met with a “distance problem” to go along. Maybe the long-distance lovers will fight it, but that’s the gospel truth. Yes, distance can be overcome for a little while, but what happens when you don’t –or can’t– see each other for four months? Most of you will think it’s not a problem as long as you love your partner and want to be with them. Well, let me tell you; it’s not easy at all. A relationship should, above all things, be two people sharing their lives as partners, experiencing it as friends, and enjoying it as lovers. But how can you do that when you are a thousand miles away?

That being said, let’s see the other side now. Who can blame those people for viewing timing as an excuse? As it was stated above, we rarely are talking about truly bad timing, so it’s not irrational if you haven’t lived it yet. They are people that are willing to commit to someone; if they think that person deserves it. They hate obstacles and cast them aside in the name of true love. But above all, they are fortunate for they have not yet encountered a situation associated with a true timing problem.

Whether we are on one side or the other we shouldn’t judge the people on the opposite shore because you never know on which shore you will end up.

Author: Konstantinos Vovos

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